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How to Handle Difficult Conversations With Employees On-Site Training

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Learn how to conduct tough, awkward, and challenging conversations with confidence and success.

Course Description/Agenda

As Much As You'd Like to Avoid Them, You Can't

But you can get more skilled at handling the challenging conversations you face as a leader. This training will show you how.

When you think of truly great leaders, you don't imagine them dodging important conversations that need to be had, do you?

Instead, strong leaders step up and do what needs to be done. They study the situation with care and then they enter into even the most challenging conversations with cool-headed calmness. They take great care in word choice, tone, and body language. They strike a balance between being compassionate while maintaining a strong, confident, assertive leadership stance. And they conclude conversations with a solid action plan for going forward.

Thankfully, you don't have to be born with these skills ... they can be learned! When you attend How to Handle Difficult Conversations With Employees, you'll discover the secrets that great leaders throughout the years have used to navigate even the most difficult conversations.

Every Manager Needs the Conversation Management Skills Taught in This Training!

There isn't a manager or supervisor on this planet who won't face his or her fair share of difficult conversations. It just comes with the job. In fact, it's one of the MOST CRITICAL roles you play as a leader. Your ability to proactively handle these conversations positively and effectively will determine your ultimate success as a leader. It truly is one of the most important skills you can possess.

Get the skills you need to feel confident in your ability to handle every conversation challenge that comes your way from now on. Make plans to attend How to Handle Difficult Conversations With Employees now!

What Needs to Be Said, When, and Why

  • Are you oversimplifying or underestimating the problem? How to know for sure
  • The perils of delay - when putting off a conversation makes things worse and key actions to take instead
  • How to avoid the consequences of a poorly executed conversation: demoralizing, confusing, aggravating, ineffective
  • Avoiding the most common communication mistakes managers make

Pre-Conversation Preparation

  • Preparing for the conversation - prework you've got to do
  • What's the objective? Know your ideal outcome beforehand
  • Establishing the conversation agenda
  • How to identify and overcome assumptions you bring to the table
  • Learn how to effectively prepare for challenging conversations without overthinking them

Conducting Challenging Conversations

  • Master the Manager's Conversation Model - a step-by-step process for walking through any tough discussion
  • Creating a distraction-free, positive atmosphere for dialogue
  • Tone matters! It's not just what you say that matters - it's how you say it
  • The discovery process: how to make sure you're getting all the facts out on the table
  • Listen with the intention to understand
  • Reading body language
  • Preventing conversation breakdown
  • Techniques for getting people to open up about their needs, issues, and concerns
  • How to make sure your expectations are crystal clear
  • Accountability - deciding next steps and crafting a detailed follow-up plan

Dealing With Emotions

  • How to respond to emotionally charged reactions, including anger, frustration, disappointment, embarrassment, denial, defensiveness, stonewalling, threatening, lying, silence, crying, and more
  • Handling hot buttons - yours and theirs
  • Aggressive, passive-aggressive, and passive people: what you need to know about each
  • Attitude check - how to remain objective at all times

Tactics and Techniques for Tricky Conversations

  • "You stink!" The tactful way to discuss hygiene problems with employees
  • Too sloppy? Too revealing? Too many tattoos and piercings? Conducting conversations about inappropriate appearance
  • How to talk with an employee who is insensitive to others in the workplace
  • Discussing policy and procedure infractions
  • How to know when your conversation has potential legal implications/ramifications
  • "You're driving your coworkers crazy": how to talk to employees about their irritating and inconsiderate personal behaviors
  • What should you say when you suspect an employee is drinking or on drugs?
  • When employees are in conflict: your role as conflict mediator
  • The essentials of discipline and termination conversations
  • Safety first: what to do when you believe an employee could get violent
  • Boss Conversations 101: how to make every conversation with your boss more successful
  • The essentials of conducting productive conversations with difficult coworkers


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