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Leading Across Cultures and Generations On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Find the common threads of leadership that everyone will respond to and ensure you get the best results possible every time.

Course Description/Agenda

Diverse workforces require leaders with a unique set of skills.

It's a hypersensitive world out there. The smallest offhand comment, a misinterpreted joke, that's all it takes to offend someone. And in today's modern workplace, that's not a mistake you can afford to make.

This one-day course will give you the skills you need to find common ground and build strong relationships with all of your employees, regardless of generational or cultural differences.

Different cultures and different generations expect different things - help them find common goals.

The world has gotten smaller, and a homogenous workplace is a thing of the past. Instead, modern leaders have to deal with a variety of workers across generational and cultural lines, each with their own values, work ethic, and desires.

It can be a tough job to keep everyone happy and productive. Styles and approaches that work well with some people may be completely ineffective with others. But you can't change your entire leadership style every time you come into contact with someone from a different generation or cultural background. You need one solid approach that will work for everyone.

Build an inclusive work environment and foster a culture of success.

Regardless of age or cultural background, every member of your team has one thing in common: they work for you - and you need results. Learn how to leverage this and other common grounds into a work environment that not only accepts diversity, but embraces it. Stop letting perceived divisions hurt your team's productivity - learn the skills you need to successfully lead a diverse team.


Managing a Diverse Team: The Basics

  • The benefits and challenges of diverse teams
  • Creating an inclusive work environment
  • Change, ambiguity, and conflict in nonhomogeneous teams
  • Practical tools and strategies for leading more effectively across generations and cultures
  • Finding common ground with anyone

Generational Gaps: How to Lead Employees From Different Generations

  • Why different generations have different expectations and desires and how to work with them all
  • The role of technology in leading different age groups
  • Why it is a bad idea to treat every employee the same, regardless of age
  • Building good relationships between employees of different generations

Cultural Differences and How to Handle Them in the Workplace

  • Differing cultures' expectations of leadership
  • Perceptions, stereotypes, and viewpoints across cultures
  • Understanding how different communication styles affect different cultures
  • Exerting your authority without offending machismo and other cultural taboos

Clear Communication Strategies That Will Get Real Results

  • Understanding how different communication styles get different reactions
  • Strategies to positively interact and lead diverse colleagues and employees
  • Clearly setting and conveying goals and expectations to all stakeholders
  • Lessons from global leaders that you can apply right away

Potential Problems and Roadblocks From Diverse Teams

  • Managing conflict between generations or cultures
  • Handling virtual communication and the unique challenges it can present
  • Letting employees know what behaviors will not be tolerated, regardless of cultural norms
  • Consistency in your leadership style: a good idea or bad one?


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National Seminars Group

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