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Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers
National Technology Transfer, Inc.

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Techs, Engineers

Learn About PLCs from a Single 3-Day Seminar—Plus Receive LogixPro® PLC Simulation Software FREE!


3 day Hands-on
2.4 Continuing Education Credits

This course is a subcomponent of:
Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers with PLC Automation Systems

Learn how operator interfaces (OIs, or human machine interfaces–HMIs) integrate with a PLC to access information about the machine. You will discover that the HMI is a well designed real-time troubleshooting tool when properly programmed. You’ll spend time in hands-on lab exercises programming the PLC and diagnosing problems. Leave with valuable skills for effective repairs, troubleshooting and maintenance.

This course is a three-day segment within the broader five-day course Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers with PLC Automation Systems. We suggest the five-day course for the most comprehensive training.


PLC Architecture

Input and Output (IO) Systems

  • IO interfaces, number per module, remote systems
  • Data transfer from module to processor
  • Analog data vs. digital data
  • Sizing system requirements

Ladder Logic vs. Relay Logic

Relay-Type Instructions

Addressing, Data Memory and Scan Time

  • IO address relation to module location
  • Internal data memory: binary and integer files
  • Register memory vs. bit-wise memory
  • IO, memory and rung scan process

Additional Instructions and Associated Bits

  • Timer and counters control bits
  • Moving data
  • Comparison instructions

Hands-on Lab Exercises

  • Motor start/stop circuits
  • Trapping random faults
  • Signaling alarms
  • Tank-level controls
  • Sequence-controlled conveyors
  • Inputting and outputting numerical data
  • Batch control processes
  • Troubleshooting communication problems


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