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Virtual Classroom (Live) Accelerated Leadership Certificate Program Webinar

This certificate program provides the crucial training that prepares you to effectively navigate the world of management - and avoid the mistakes that could hold you back.

Course Description/Agenda


In partnership with Graceland University.

Why do more than half of all new managers fail within their first two years on the job? It’s all about preparation — or lack of it.

That’s why we designed our Accelerated Leadership Certificate Program. It provides the crucial training that prepares you to effectively navigate the world of management — and avoid the mistakes that could hold you back.

Brought to you by SkillPath in partnership with Graceland University, this ALL-NEW virtual certificate program is a series of 5 LIVE, online, instructor-led sessions that provide you with the essentials you need to grow your management skills at an accelerated pace.

Engaged, active learning: Dynamic 3-hour sessions deliver lively, interactive training daily. Log into sessions from any device and you’ll still have time left in your day to put what you’ve learned into practice. Then if you'd like, you can report back to your instructor and fellow participants the next day to share your experiences and ask any questions you might have. This unique, feedback-enabled format helps to reinforce learning and strengthen your retention of vital concepts — so they stick.

Earn a Professional Certificate: By the end of the week, you’ll have the enhanced skills, knowledge and insights you need to be more successful in your leadership role. And you’ll receive a signed Certificate of Completion, along with a digital eBadge to display your new skills and competencies.


  • Effectively lead others with integrity, confidence and credibility
  • Mindfully guide employees through change and other organizational challenges
  • Create an inclusive environment that supports initiative, rewards creativity and recognizes achievements
  • Communicate with authority, listen effectively and improve organizational relationships
  • Eliminate wasted time, project logjams and missed deadlines to maximize efficiency
  • Improve employee performance and raise organizational productivity through coaching and training


Program time: 5 days (15 total hours)

Day 1: The Fundamentals of Management

  • Master the manager-employee dynamic, including how to manage friends and former co-workers
  • Earn the trust of others ? how to build your credibility and maintain it
  • Learn how to establish authority without being overbearing
  • Develop your own personal leadership style
  • Avoid common mistakes often made by new managers 
  • Discover motivation techniques you can use for a variety of scenarios
  • Use proven strategies for resolving conflict, correcting problem behaviors and more

Day 2: Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent, Inclusive Leader

  • Create a happier, more healthy work environment by developing an empathetic, mindful approach to management
  • Increase your self-awareness to sharpen your focus, facilitate more effective thinking and make better business decisions
  • Discover ways that successful leaders use emotional intelligence to their advantage — and how you can improve yours
  • Get tools for overcoming common barriers to diversity and inclusion and learn how to implement change without pushback or resentment
  • Develop new habits of inclusivity to move your whole team forward and to positively impact organizational change

Day 3: Business Communication: A Manager’s Guide

  • Discover the secret to projecting an aura of confidence and power
  • Use expert techniques for exerting influence on the actions and attitudes of others
  • Learn to communicate in a way that motivates and inspires others to action
  • Find out why skillful listening is your most powerful communication tool
  • Follow steps for handling complaints, gossip and other people’s conflicts without getting caught in the crossfire
  • Master practical solutions to communication challenges managers often face
  • Get the ground rules for communicating diplomatically in a variety of tough situations

Day 4: Time & Task Management

  • Reduce stress by adopting a systematic approach to urgency
  • Stay productive while regaining control during a crisis
  • Use a big-picture mentality and needs-based thinking to identify crucial activities, stay on track and accomplish more goals
  • Take a proactive approach to time and task management by quantifying workloads and tracking progress
  • Develop strategies for controlling distractions and limiting interruptions

Day 5: The Manager’s Role as Trainer & Coach

  • Review mentoring, tutoring and other essential teaching tools managers need
  • Reinforcement, retention and application — learn how to know if training is effective
  • Set meaningful objectives and measure individual skill development
  • Discover common barriers to learning — and how to get around them
  • Engage less than-enthusiastic employees and reluctant learners
  • Build emotional connections between your employees and training opportunities
  • Know when to delegate training — and when you should do it yourself


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SkillPath Seminars
Skillpath Seminars

Course Summary

This certificate program provides the crucial training that prepares you to effectively navigate the world of management - and avoid the mistakes that could hold you back.

Delivery Method

Virtual Classroom (Live) Virtual Classroom (Live)

Who Should Attend

New or First-time Managers & Supervisors

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