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Virtual Classroom (Live) Leading Without Authority Webinar

Discover how to embrace the leadership qualities that inspire others to follow

Course Description/Agenda

If you’re working on a project that draws on your own knowledge, skills and experience, you’d likely feel comfortable taking the lead — regardless of your level of authority. But what if you’re in charge of a critical project that can only succeed with the cooperation of several people across your organization — people over whom you have zero authority?

As workplaces become more collaborative, your ability to lead others without formal authority is key to your success. Discover how to embrace the leadership qualities that inspire others to follow when you sign up for this LIVE, virtual course. Through expert insights, guided reflection and interactive exercises, including group discussions, you'll learn how to establish credibility, build trust, and engage, motivate and influence others even when they don’t report to you.

Enroll today and start building your confidence as an emerging business leader. When the time comes, you’ll be prepared to take the reins in teams, groups or projects that don’t have a designated leader, but could use one.


  • Learn how to acquire the leadership qualities that will inspire others to follow you
  • Explore the elements of credibility and how it’s built by competence and confidence
  • Explain ways you can establish and maintain your personal credibility as an emerging leader
  • Master skills and techniques that enhance your ability to motivate and influence others
  • Assess your personal levels of engagement, investment and commitment to collective success


Program time: 3 hours

Session 1: Exploring the Nature of Leadership

  • Define leadership in terms of characteristics and qualities
  • Discuss ways to establish and maintain personal credibility
  • Describe personal accountability and why it’s essential to leadership
  • Explain 3 ways leadership can be implemented at every level of an organization

Session 2: Personal Credibility

  • Identify techniques and tools you can use to help build your credibility
  • Discuss how you can demonstrate personal credibility to build trust
  • Describe 6 ways you can establish your expertise and competence
  • Explain why confidence is a critical element of credibility

Session 3: Engaging, Motivating and Influencing Others

  • Develop strategies for building strong relationships with others
  • Discuss how win-win solutions help to develop trust
  • Recognize the attributes of an engaged and invested leader
  • Describe ways to influence and persuade in a positive manner
  • Identify common mistakes that undermine leadership image or one’s ability to motivate others


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SkillPath Seminars
Skillpath Seminars

Course Summary

Discover how to embrace the leadership qualities that inspire others to follow

Delivery Method

Virtual Classroom (Live) Virtual Classroom (Live)

Who Should Attend

Anyone who must lead others but without official authority

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