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Virtual Classroom (Live) The Conference on Leadership Development and Teambuilding Webinar

Motivating people, conquering setbacks, creating inspired teams—the secrets to developing these skills and more are right here in our conference

Course Description/Agenda

It’s not likely you’re a natural born leader (most of us aren’t). The top leaders in today’s successful businesses made the journey from manager to leader by making the most of their innate talents, plus spending time on learning the important skills they knew they needed to succeed. Motivating people, conquering setbacks, creating inspired teams—the secrets to developing these skills and more are right here in our conference. You won’t want to miss it.

What You Will Learn

  • How to develop the leader within you
  • Better ways to motivate ... inspire ... succeed!
  • How to speak so others know how to follow
  • Leadership mistakes you don’t have to make
  • And much more


Program time: 3 hours


Session 1: Developing the leader within you

  • How to acquire the skills of a "born leader"
  • The amazing facts behind why some of the most successful men and women succeed
  • A refreshing definition of "leadership" that boils your job down to one simple task
  • 7 facts you must know before you can really lead
  • How to discover and tap into your inner strengths

Session 2: 30 tips for becoming an inspired leader

  • Got a meeting tomorrow? How to use it as an opportunity to shine
  • Brush up on your ability to sell your ideas—on your way home tonight
  • Leaders "get it done"—how to improve in that area immediately
  • What is "leadership" communication? Conduct a quick check to see if you’re on track
  • 3 things you can do right now to keep your best people around

Session 3: It all starts with YOU: Discover your team player style

  • The various roles team members play: Where do you fit in?
  • Recognizing the strengths and trouble spots of your unique team player style
  • How to avoid team conflict by mixing and matching work styles
  • Work style differences—why is this such a big deal?
  • Why the best team leaders are also strong team players

Session 4: Building a team that’s a reflection of you

  • The litmus test: Would your team members encourage their colleagues to come on board?
  • How your team is a reflection of you—and why that matters
  • Simple things you can do every day to build a stronger team
  • Good team, bad team: How you make the difference
  • 5 secrets to becoming the team leader everyone wants to work for

Session 5: Leadership mistakes you don’t have to make

  • Lessons learned from 3 poor leadership decisions that made national headlines
  • 4 mistakes so common they have become "accepted leadership styles"
  • Attitudes of leaders that can turn into real traps
  • Confronting people and problems—how not doing this can mess up your company and your future
  • 5 habits that may seem like a good idea—but can become barriers to your success later


Session 1: Light the fire of excellence in your team

  • 101 low-cost ways to motivate and reward employees (and a few more that are absolutely free!)
  • How to detect when members are ready for new challenges
  • How to seek and get your team’s participation in shaping a new vision
  • 4 key areas to focus on as you move your team forward
  • The importance of a well-thought-out communication strategy in getting your team from point A to point B

Session 2: Speak so others know how to follow

  • Communicating as a leader and as a manager are not the same ... here’s insight into the important difference and how you can master both
  • Practice the powerful Law of Connection that great leaders instinctively know and honor
  • How to find out if your message is understood ... and if it’s being acted on correctly
  • Who employees really listen to in meetings and why

Session 3: Positive feedback ... the fuel of high performance

  • How to tap into a motivating, multidimensional team approach to feedback
  • How to turn successes and failures into "training moments"
  • How to focus on the process, not the person, when giving constructive criticism
  • Do’s and don’ts when giving feedback that builds ... not destroys
  • When to recognize individual contributions and how ... without turning off other team members

Session 4: A team approach to dealing with unacceptable behavior

  • How to use the team approach to eliminating unacceptable behavior and performance
  • Dealing with bad attitudes and "quiet resistance" that can doom your team’s effectiveness
  • How to coach your team in the sensitivities of confronting each other about problems
  • Why traditional disciplinary processes don’t do the job in a team environment
  • Should you remove a team member when others complain? Here’s how to solve this serious problem

Session 5: What teams really need from their leaders

  • How to fulfill your team’s ongoing need for direction and vision
  • Your never-ending responsibility to make sure all your team’s needs are met ... whatever they are
  • How to develop a sixth sense about when to prod ... when to coax ... and when to do nothing at all
  • What teams really need from their leaders


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SkillPath Seminars
Skillpath Seminars

Course Summary

Motivating people, conquering setbacks, creating inspired teams—the secrets to developing these skills and more are right here in our conference

Delivery Method

Virtual Classroom (Live) Virtual Classroom (Live)

Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers, team-leaders

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