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Virtual Classroom (Live) The Social Media Marketing Conference Webinar

If it seems like nearly every business on the planet is connecting with fans on Facebook, Tweeting, uploading videos on YouTube and getting LinkedIn - except you - you're not alone.

Course Description/Agenda

If it seems like nearly every business on the planet is connecting with fans on Facebook, Tweeting, uploading videos on YouTube and getting LinkedIn - except you - you’re not alone. Many organizations who haven’t gone "social" yet are feeling the same way, scratching their heads and wondering: Are businesses really making money using social media? Can my business still get in on the action—and the profits?

The businesses that are making money set goals and objectives, follow a plan, choose and use the best tools, carefully monitor their results and faithfully measure their ROI. In other words, there are a lot of things you’ll need to get up to speed on to not only get started with social media, but be successful. And the exciting Social Media Marketing Conference is the one place you can learn it all.

What You Will Learn

  • How to make social media "connect" for your business
  • New tools and new ways to grow your business you may not have thought of
  • How to define your strategy and create your plan before taking the plunge into social media
  • The most common mistakes being made—spot them on the horizon and take a detour
  • And much more!


Program time: 3 hours


Session 1: Show me the money: How social media actually pays off

  • The truth about who’s using social media networks and tools to market—and why
  • 10 proven ways even companies with tiny budgets and few employees can profit
  • How to reframe your thinking about social media and shape it into what you need for your business
  • Why it’s a mistake to think social media is just for business-to-consumer companies
  • What social marketing can do for you that traditional marketing can’t

Session 2: The key to social media success: Getting off to a good start

  • Know what you hope to achieve before you begin
  • A handy tool kit for launching a winning social media campaign
  • How to accurately predict how much time you’ll need to invest
  • Why the best social marketers know their target market inside and out
  • The importance of a well-thought-out strategy to get you where you want to be
  • Getting buy-in from higher-ups—especially those who think it’s all nonsense

Session 3: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter: Choosing the right platform for your business

  • 3 specific goals you can’t afford to lose sight of when choosing a platform
  • The most popular business platforms and what really makes them work
  • Other not-so-obvious platforms you may not know about, but should
  • The first 3 questions to ask when choosing a platform
  • Want to gain traction and build momentum? How to choose and use multiple platforms

Session 4: Measuring what’s really important—your return on investment

  • The most important social media metric of all
  • What can—and should—you measure? The number of fans, page views, Tweets, social bookmarks?
  • How not to get caught off guard by these measurement roadblocks
  • Using analytics to better understand your ROI and make better decisions
  • A look at monitoring tools and how they can simplify the job

Session 5: Success stories: What the best social marketers do better than the rest

  • A close-up look at some successful social media campaigns … and why they worked
  • "They don’t use social media in my industry"—why you can’t use this as an excuse anymore
  • A proven Fortune 500 social media model—and how to set up your own campaign based on it
  • Small businesses getting big results: What you can learn from them
  • 5 business best practices that can define the success of your initiatives


Session 1: Cool tools and how to use them to grow your business

  • From blogs to wikis: What you can do with social media tools (and why you’d want to)
  • The best business uses for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • A key business benefit of using Twitter that makes it almost impossible to resist
  • Beyond silly videos of babies and pets—15 creative ways to use YouTube for business
  • Could blogging be your front door to social media?
  • Social bookmarking: Everyone’s talking about it … here’s why

Session 2: Mistakes rookies make … but you don’t have to

  • 7 critical mistakes social media pros NEVER make
  • 5 reasons why campaigns fail
  • Believing social media is all about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube—are you guilty?
  • What failing to turn prospects into customers can cost your company
  • Avoiding poor decisions that translate into poor ROI

Session 3: The art of writing for a social audience

  • How the social audience is different—and what this means to your writing
  • 6 foolproof tips for writing compelling posts, Tweets and blogs
  • Out with the fluff! There’s no room for it in this new social world
  • Reusing content: A good practice—or not?
  • How to sound like a genuine, caring human being—not a corporate robot
  • Responses can be automated—but should they be?

Session 4: Managing your on-line reputation

  • The dangers to companies who are oblivious to what customers are saying
  • Do’s and don’ts for responding to harsh criticism and negative comments
  • Getting your timing, target and tone just right
  • How to view criticism as an opportunity—not a threat
  • The first and most important thing to do when a criticism surfaces

Session 5: Monitoring what people are saying about you on-line—in 15 minutes a day

  • How to skillfully listen to what customers are saying—you won’t believe what you’ll learn
  • Strategies for monitoring the on-line chatter about your brand
  • 8 steps to successful social media monitoring
  • Using Google Alerts to monitor your brand
  • Gathering data and what to do with it


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SkillPath Seminars
Skillpath Seminars

Course Summary

If it seems like nearly every business on the planet is connecting with fans on Facebook, Tweeting, uploading videos on YouTube and getting LinkedIn - except you - you're not alone.

Delivery Method

Virtual Classroom (Live) Virtual Classroom (Live)

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to take advantage of social media in their marketing portfolio

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