Game Plan Communications Seminars and Training

Game Plan Communications

Game Plan Communications teaches skills to professionals to communicate with impact by delivering messages in a clear, concise, and compelling manner. We connect our training to your business goals and work with participants to help them plan for ongoing performance improvement.

Communicate Clear, Concise, and Compelling Messages

We base our High-Impact Presentations, Results-Driven Meetings, and Power Writing programs on one concept -- less is more. Participants learn to clarify their thoughts and present their ideas in as few words as possible. We teach participants to use everyday language to connect with their audience. By using these skills, participants can see a difference in a short period of time.

Training Approach -- Connect, Plan, Transfer

  • Connect business goals to training objectives
  • Plan to support ongoing performance improvement
  • Transfer training from the classroom to the office

How We Deliver Training

In order to manage time and budget constraints we offer the option of virtual or traditional classroom training. Virtual training can be delivered using webinars, video conferencing, or Second Life -- a virtual world platform. Traditional classroom programs can be held in an office or at an offsite location.


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