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Today’s business person does, indeed, play many parts, and many of those parts require forceful, compelling presentation skills. Speakers World provides private coaching, in-house or public-workshop-based training, and full service seminar production for those who want to star on the stage of business presentations. Using business theater fundamentals, Speakers World provides specific techniques for successful presenting to financial audiences, sales prospects, and other important audiences.
Drawing from a wealth of experience in professional development, coaching, business-to-business communications skills development, and seminar production, Brenda Besdansky, San Francisco Bay Area-based Speakers World principal, is regarded as a preeminent presentation skills coachfor C-level executives andsales professionals in companies ranging from start-ups to established leaders in their fields as well as offerint speaker development services foremerging professional speakers.

Brendaweaves her extensive professional development expertise with theater, television, and radio experience, to provide innovative business coaching skills within a full service resource center. Speakers World-crafted business programs are rich in the content, imagery, and style required to get ideas to market.


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