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(Just as football players learn ballet, business needs poetry)


Dessa Byrd Reed, Poetic Communicator, discovered the art of poetry in 1997 during months of recovery from a near-fatal auto accident. She began writing down some of her deepest insights and found a creative voice that quickly turned into poetry. To improve her writing skills and learn the poetic craft of communication, Dessa attended critique groups, workshops, and writing conferences ~ such as the Maui, Hawaii and Indiana University summer programs.

Dessa Reed devotes much of her time sharing her encouraging message with business and social groups while providing helpful hints on how to record our thoughts with clarity and originality. She has proved that the appreciation and creativity of writing simple poetic lines improves our observation of the world around us as well as giving a proficiency in word skills in all our correspondence. This is especially essential to the business letter and email. Many a client or customer has been lost because of poor (or boring) language.

In 2000, her book THE BUTTERFLY TOUCH / Recovery Through Poetry was published telling of her remarkable healing and how learning to turn her feelings into poetry was a life-changing experience. It encourages others to find inspiration and confidence in their own self-expression and includes 61 of Dessa’s early poems of love, humor, and insight. Her second book, SEVEN BRIDGES / Turning Adversity Into Victory was released in 2003. Its expanded focus of healing and personal growth includes essays, narrative, and a number of her later poems.

Dessa conducts creative writing workshops and is Poetry Editor for The Desert Woman magazine published monthly in Palm Springs, California. She sponsors poetry contests at several high schools helping young people learn to express their feelings and to appreciate the art form of poetry.

One of the highlights of her career was to visit China as a delegate for United Poets Laureate International in November 2005. While there, Dessa lectured at a foreign language university in Beijing and to two high schools in Shanghai. She was impressed with Chinese students’ eagerness to learn, their love of poetry and interest in all things American.

The lighthearted approach to her topics helps Dessa share information in an informal, entertaining presentation. She is available for one-hour talks, two-hour workshops or all-day seminars.


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