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PESI HealthCare has a long history in the continuing education seminar business, with roots dating back to 1979. PESI HealthCare educates the nation's professionals in a variety of markets. In 1979, Professional Education Systems started out as a legal publishing company. It quickly evolved into presenting continuing education seminars and conferences in addition to its publishing projects. In 1997, PESI HealthCare was formed as a division dedicated to educating the nation's healthcare professionals.

PESI HealthCare provides programming, publications and products to the HealthCare industry across the country. It's indeed an honor to serve these deserving markets.

The PESI HealthCare name comes from our long-standing roots as a continuing education seminar provider and publisher. The name has represented several different things over the years, but today represents a strong company providing the highest quality continuing education products across this nation.

In 2011, PESI HealthCare became a division of CMI Education Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization. This change to a non-profit entity will allow for sustained and continual growth of the PESI HealthCare brand as we broaden our publishing, multimedia, distance education, live seminar and conference activities.


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In-House / On-Site Training Classes

Achieving Excellence In Stroke Care: A Toolbox of Practical Strategies Seminar
Advanced Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Advances in Orthopedic Care: It's Not Just Broken Bones
Applied EKG Interpretations: Skill-Building Techniques & Treatment Protocols
Arterial Disease: Its all Connected
Breastfeeding: New Strategies for Improved Outcomes
Cardiac Care Essentials: Improving Practice Through Enhanced Assessment, Diagnostic & Intervention Skills
Cardiac Diagnostics & Intervention
Cardiac Medications: An In-depth Look at Pharmacology Intervention
Cardiac Medications: Evidence-Based Treatment for Complex Cardiac Conditions
Cardiac Medications: Pharmacological Management of Complex Cardiovascular Disorders
Care of the Perianesthesia Patient
Challenging Geriatric Behaviors
Challenging Geriatric Behaviors: Quality Care with Dignity
Chest Pain & Dyspnea: Differentiating Cardiac From Non-cardiac Causes
Childhood Neurology
Cognitive-Communication Disorders: Assessment & Treatment of Neurological Impairments
Complicated Pregnancies: Implications and Management
Creative Teaching Strategies for the Nurse Educator
Current Management Strategies for Neuromuscular & Neurodegenerative Disorders
Diabetes Medications
ECG Interpretation: Essential Skills & Treatment Protocols
Effective Physical Assessment Skills: Identify Cardiac, Respiratory and Neurological Disorders
Effective Rapid Response Teams: Setting Goals, Saving Lives, and Measuring Success
End Stage Diseases: Care When There is No Cure
End Stage Diseases: Palliative and Hospice Care Interventions
From the Bedside to the Doorstep: Assessment, Diagnosis, & Treatment of Movement and Other Neurological Disorders
Functional Assessments & Exercise Programming
Fundamentals of Critical Care
Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging
Gastrointestinal Conditions and Diseases
Gastrointestinal Emergencies
Geriatric Assessment: Understanding the Changing Face of the Elderly Patient
Geriatric Pharmacology: Maximizing Safety & Effectiveness
Gestational Diabetes: Diagnosis to Delivery
High Risk Skin - Effective Wound Care Strategies
Infectious Diseases
Injuries in Youth Sports: Assessment & Treatment of Orthopedic Injuries in the Young Athlete
Legal Aspects of Nursing Documentation
Life-Threatening Pediatric Emergencies
Managing Challenging Patient & Family Behaviors: 101 Strategies for Healthcare Professionals
Managing Co-morbidities in the Rehab Setting: A Multifaceted Approach to Transform Your Practice
Managing Dysphagia: Essential Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Strategies
Managing Gestational Diabetes: Diagnosis to Delivery and Beyond
Managing Gestational Diabetes: Keys to Success
Mastering Lab Interpretation & The Implications for Patient Care
Medical Nutrition Therapy: Nutrition Practice Guidelines for Diabetes, Hypertension and Lipid Disorders
Neurological Emergencies
Nursing Documentation & Malpractice: Defend Your Practice Through Written Clinical Evidence
Nursing Documentation Legally-Proven Strategies to Keep You Out of the Courtroom
Nursing Documentation Strategies: Legally-Proven Strategies for Electronic & Traditional Charting
OB Emergencies
Orthopedics: Beyond Broken Bones
Palliative Care: Comfort, Communication, Choices, Control
Patient Crisis: Identify the Signs & Symptoms Before the Patient Crashes
Pediatric Essentials
Pediatric Gastrointestinal Diseases
Physical Assessment and Interviewing Skills in the Adult: A Comprehensive Approach to Cardiac, Pulmonary and Neurologic Conditions
Post-Rehab Strength Training: Exercise for Those with Orthopedic Concerns & Chronic Diseases
Skin & Wound Care
Skin Care & Wound Management
Sports Injuries
Strategies & Interventions for Skin Care & Wound Management
Strategies for Excellence in Stroke Care
Strategies for Excellence in Stroke Care: Expanding the Window for Care
Taking Control of Cardiac Crisis: Rapid & Effective Responses to an Insidious Killer
The Heart of EKG Interpretation: Achieving Accuracy with Ease
The Neuro EVERY Nurse Needs to Know: Treating Today's Complex Patient
The Ultimate One-Day Diabetes Course
The Ultimate One-Day Seminar on Cardiac Medications
Wound Care Challenges
Wound Care Challenges and Solutions