Lambert Seminars Seminars and Training

Lambert Seminars

With over eighteen years of training experience for companies including:

  • The Perrier Group
  • Gateway Computers
  • New Horizon’s Computer Learning Centers

we offer both group and individual training. We can train online via webinars, or live and in person. Microsoft Office is one of our most requested topics and we can promise you that you will raise your skill level to a new level no matter which learning method you opt for. That is our personal commitment to all our clients.

We are devoted to the concept of lifelong learning. We respect companies that arrange for training for their staff and strive to make them glad they made that decision to train their staff with us. We want to give that company back employees that not only know the course material, but know what to do with it to make their workplace better.

How does it affect your career if you do not have the skills to keep you competitive in your career field? In today’s volatile and competitive job market, having top-notch skills is essential for survival. For example, anyone looking at the help wanted ads on-line or in the newspapers can see that computer skills are at the top of most employers list.


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