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OSHA regulations, NEC standards, and NFPA 70E have mandated that industry have an electrical safety program along with electrical safe work procedures.

The Jacman Group's Arc Flash trainers are all current master electricians who train and teach from everyday learning experiences that your employees will really relate to. They're not "book instructors" but rather guys who have pulled wired for decades and teach that same way. This makes for a very hands on, high energy class rather than your typical boring, clock watching seminar. 

There's simply no other NFPA 70 E/ Arc Flash seminar like it and we have the references to prove it!

 We can help you reduce the cost of implementing 70E with proven methods of reducing hazards that won't cost you a fortune.

This class covers things like:

  • What constitutes an electrical hazard?
  • Which employees must be trained and what are the requirements?
  • What really are the proper lockout-tagout procedures?
  • Safe electrical work practices.
  • PPE and the proper usage.
  • Test equipment and insulated tools.
  • How to establish and maintain compliance.
  • Conducting electrical inspections.
  • Electrical work practices.
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment.
  • Switching and clearing procedures.
  • Clearance distances.
  • Electrical hazards in confined spaces.
  • Portable electrical equipment.
  • Fault current calculations
  • ....and much more


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