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Hetta International Development Center (HIDC) is an American owned corporation specializing in Human capacity building, short course training in management development, and international development.

Over the years, HIDC has provided short-course training to hundreds of high-ranking government and corporate officials, particularly from developing countries. The courses are designed to enhance the competencies of senior-level staff in private, public, and nonprofit institutions. Most of our courses focus on current thinking and best practices in development and management. The courses are intensive and taught at the graduate level. The training courses are participatory and practice-oriented. We offer courses in all areas of human resource management. Professionals from various backgrounds will benefit from our short-term training program.


The main objectives of HIDC’s short training programs are (1) To enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in management and development issues (2) To provide opportunities for the participants to share experiences regarding current practices in management and development (3) To positively influence the participants’ attitudes toward development management and social issues affecting their constituencies , and (4) To enable participants to improve on their skills to better plan, execute, monitor, and evaluate programs and policies more effectively and efficiently.


At the end of the session, participants will be able to (1) Learn and develop best practices in using different models and techniques as means to change inefficient organizational culture/environment, resulting in accountability and planned/managed results (2) Think critically about the challenges and complexities of administering development programs and projects (3) Have deeper understanding of the nature of managerial decision making in the context of development management, and (4) Improve their skills in managing by results and targets, identify blockages to greater productivity, motivate employees toward greater productivity and excellence, resolve conflicts, and succeed in negotiations.


We have over 14 experienced course facilitators and instructors from private and public sectors including: World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United Nations, Foundation Center, and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some of our facilitators are professors, development managers, chief executive officers, and guest speakers with over forty years of practical experience in their respective fields.


Our training methodology stresses practical methodology more than classroom lectures. Site visits are arranged to enable participants to evaluate development from another perspective, especially from that of the United States. Most of our courses are organized in the form of workshops and seminars. Teaching methods such as group discussions, problem solving techniques, case study analysis, group presentations, sharing of experiences, and role play are used in the training activities.


Hetta International Development Center is based in the heart of the exciting Borough of Manhattan in New York City. Due to its proximity to educational and financial institutions, development-related organizations, development agencies, human resource centers, and centers of modern business technology, participants are guaranteed of finding something new to learn everyday. The main venue of all the courses is currently based in Manhattan at

247 West 35th Street
, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001. It is walking distance to some of the famous landmarks in New York City, including: Madison Square Garden,  Penn Station, Rockefeller Center,  Broadway movies and theaters, Macy’s Store, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the United Nations Headquarters. All of our courses give opportunity to all the participants to make contacts with some of the major foundations and grant-making institutions in the United States (as well as other international donor organizations) that may be interested in replicating some of the best practices learned in the workshops.



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