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American Seminar Leaders Association

The American Seminar Leaders Association was founded in 1988 by Paul Karasik.  ASLA members exhibit power, strength, and courage. They place themselves in the position to make positive contributions to the lives of others, our society and the world.

ASLA is composed of seminar leaders, coaches and trainers who seek to enhance their professional skills and market their products and services more effectively.

If you are seeking to enter the seminar business, increase your level of professional success, or market your product or services utilizing the seminar format, ASLA is for you. ASLA will provide you with a variety of resources for developing and improving your skills.

We train and certify seminar leaders, and coaches.  Some of our members have gone on to become some of the top leading motivators in the country.  In our 3 day training you will learn to design your seminar, present it and promote it.  We will also teach you how to write your own book and teach you how to market your services and products through seminars.  You will not find any other place will teach you more about the seminar business and support you like we do at ASLA.


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