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High Quality "On-Site" Programs for as little as $15 per CPE!

At The ARC Training Group, we firmly believe that High Quality Training Does Not Have to Be Expensive. We specialize in providing the highest quality professional development programs on an exclusively "On-site" basis. By operating in this way, we have the ability to offer quality programs at a most affordable rate. The ARC Training Group is a Division of The ARC Consulting Group, Inc. Established in 1988, ARC is a leader in providing on-site programs. We offer over 40 leading edge programs for strategic and tactical managers, business and  financial professionals, project managers, internal auditors, and accounting professionals.

At ARC, booking training is as simple as One, Two, Three.

One, we provide you with a "Fixed Price*" for our programs. There is no question of "How much will the expenses be?" Our fees include all instructor fees, travel and living expenses, and all program materials. All you provide is the training facility, any A/V requirements, and any desired creature comforts.

You can find our Fixed-Price fee on each Seminar Fact Sheet. Many of our three day programs cost as little as $9,000 for up to 25 participants. That comes to as little as $360 per person, or $15. per CPE hour!. And you pay no travel expenses for your employees. Compare this to the international "Management" organizations where tuition cost of a similar program may cost in excess of $2,000, before you encounter over $1,500 in travel expenses, totaling over $3,500 PER PARTICIPANT!

With ARC, you train up to 25 of your organization's professionals in your own custom-tailored program delivered at a location of your choice for LESS THAN SENDING 4 EMPLOYEES to a generic program offered by other vendors. We guarentee your satisfaction, or you don't pay.

Two, we never forget that you are the client. We will provide reasonable modifications to our existing program materials to fit your needs at no additional cost to you. Your organization deserves the skills you require. At ARC, we see program modifications a "part of the service" we provide.

Three, (and this is the best part!) you are the client. If you wish to invite participants from neighboring organizations to join you in the program to help defray your cost, that is your decision. We place no restrictions on who you can invite, subject to the maximum class size as indicated on each Seminar Fact Sheet.

Customized Training

At ARC, we never bill for reasonable program customization. Tailoring our programs to exceed the needs of your organization is our specialty. We pride ourselves in the art of customization.

Qualifications and Background

We assist a wide range of organizations on a worldwide basis. We have successfully presented our programs to more than 50,000 business professionals, providing more than 500 programs in 22 countries and 6 languages. We are truly an international training firm. Our programs consistently receive an "Excellent" rating by the participants. Our training program development experience spans more than 25 years. In many areas, the professional staff of ARC has pioneered professional development theory, bringing world-class, performance-based training to the custom-tailored program.

Our understanding of the adult learning process provides our clients with programs that meet the objectives of both the program and the participant. The professional staff of ARC provides client organizations with the highest caliber of audit experience and expertise available. Our staff consists of internationally known business professionals, consultants and educators.

Our Program Development Process

We write the programs that we offer. The professional staff of ARC has successfully designed and delivered many professional education programs. Specifically, we have designed, developed, and delivered more than 5,000 programs for a wide range of industries and disciplines. At ARC, we develop our programs using a documented, structured, ten-step methodology. We drive this methodology using the question, "What skills will the participant need to do their job after completing this program?"

This methodology ensures that that you reach your specific learning objectives, and that you enhance your competency level through activities and instructional aids that solidify the concepts discussed. From Phase One through Phase Ten, the program development process is documented, program material reviewed, pilot presentations made, and a seminar maintenance program initiated to ensure material is updated as necessary.

We begin the process by meeting with you to ensure a complete understanding of the general and specific learning objectives of the proposed program. Then we select specific examples and cases that build on the strengths of the target audience while introducing them to new skills and techniques. We strive to use the abilities of the participants as a learning tool, while not using the failings of specific projects or job responsibilities that would serve as an embarrassment to the participant. If desired, your organization can play an active part in the development and/or modification of case exercises and course examples.

We take the responsibility of providing continuing professional education very seriously. ARC's constantly revises and updates our educational offerings to ensure that they reflect the latest technology, and that they exceed the expectations of program participants. We believe that the foundation of any educational program is to ensure that the participants fully understand the "WHY" as well as the "HOW." They leave our programs with the ability to apply the skills obtained to their specific job environment.

Your Program Leader

Today's business professional demands professional development programs of the utmost quality. Not only in the participant materials, but also in the program leader's ability to relate the concepts and theories covered in the materials to real life, day-to-day application in their profession. Our professional staff represents the leaders in professional development. Every program leader has over 10 years of "hands-on" experience in the subject matter being presented, and has led professional development programs for over 5 years.


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