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Learn the Secrets Great Writers Use for Success in Every Medium - From Traditional to E-copy to Content Marketing

Course Description

Learn the Secrets Great Writers Use for Success in Every Medium - From Traditional to E-copy to Content Marketing

All the fancy graphics and eye-catching layouts in the world won't help your marketing pieces without one key ingredient: powerful copy that makes your reader crave the product or service you're selling or promoting. And while there are a few copywriting strategies that remain timeless ("show ... don't tell"), everything else seems to change on a monthly basis. What worked in a campaign six months ago can fall flat today. In addition, the ability to create fresh and evergreen content for your organization has moved from a nice-to-have skill to a MUST-HAVE skill!

That's why we're inviting you to learn how to easily stay on top of your game by attending this invigorating, inspirational, and eye-opening seminar, The Copywriter's Workshop. It's two days packed with copywriting how-to's ... cutting-edge, attention-grabbing techniques ... successful strategies for selling your message ... and proven tips for overcoming the most infuriating challenges copywriters face every day - no matter if your message is a 140-character tweet or an eight-page sales letter.


Copywriters from around the world have benefited from the powerful copy strategies you'll learn in this interactive two-day workshop. From accurately targeting your audience ... to crafting the best possible hook ... to writing lean, error-free copy that sings to your reader, you and your peers will master the hows and whys of creating successful copy.

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to practice what you've learned before you head back to the keyboard for your next project. Don't put it off - register today and start writing better copy than you ever imagined!


I. Writing to Your Audience Every Time

  • Effective targeting techniques that zero in on your audience
  • Picking out the most compelling benefits of your product
  • Identifying what motivates your audience
  • How to instantly touch those emotional hot spots that get you in good with the reader
  • Why content marketers must learn how to tell a good story - and why so many are bad at it
  • Proven and practical methods of increasing credibility for prospective customers

II. Copywriting Commandments Every Great Writer Needs to Know

  • How to pick hot words and phrases that add to your sell - not detract from it
  • Know your features ... sell their benefits - and how to always figure this out
  • Creating powerful headlines and tag lines that grab attention
  • Opening lines that keep your customers reading further
  • Copywriting rules for social media you absolutely cannot break
  • Tips for breathing life into dry, technical, or detailed information

III. The Short Course on Copywriting Mechanics, Structure, and Grammar

  • Grammar rules your fourth-grade teacher would be shocked to see you break ... but break them anyway
  • How to talk one-to-one in a marketing effort that reaches millions of people
  • Powerful punctuation: how to use ellipses, bullets, and commas for maximum effect
  • Using alliteration and repetition properly without coming off as cheesy
  • Imagery - the power of painting a picture with your words
  • How to make your benefit bullets short, snappy, and full of reasons for your customer to buy

IV. Avoiding and Overcoming Common Copywriting Headaches and Mistakes

  • How to combat wordiness and keep the content sharp
  • Tips to keep you from falling in love with your creativity (at the expense of the sale)
  • Are your promises big enough - or too big? Techniques that'll keep your copy from straying over the top
  • Walking the tightrope of writing humorous copy
  • How to get the ideas flowing when you're stuck
  • The Top 10 copywriting mistakes that kill your message, blow your sale, and drive copy editors nuts

V. Writing Copy for Different Media

  • Anatomy of a great ad no matter what media you work in
  • How to grab your customers' attention in 5 seconds or less when they're turbo-surfing the Web
  • Tips on handling multiple mediums
  • The qualities of an effective P.S. that transform it to a powerful deal closer
  • Fundamentals of Web and content marketing ... copy rules for new media
  • Copywriting for visual impact

VI. More Techniques Guaranteed to Take Your Copy to the Next Level

  • Keys to building customer trust in your copy
  • When, where, and how to use testimonials
  • USP - what it is and how to make sure that your special promise is big enough
  • Ways to dramatize offerings for greater appeal
  • Storytelling techniques every great content marketer knows
  • Testing your copy: what, when, how, and why you test


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National Seminars Group
National Seminars Group


Learn the Secrets Great Writers Use for Success in Every Medium - From Traditional to E-copy to Content Marketing

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Dates and Locations

Chesapeake, VA
7/22/2019 - 7/23/2019
Tuition: $899

Dallas, TX
7/22/2019 - 7/23/2019
Tuition: $899

Charlottesville, VA
7/24/2019 - 7/25/2019
Tuition: $899

Ft Worth, TX
7/24/2019 - 7/25/2019
Tuition: $899

San Diego, CA
8/5/2019 - 8/6/2019
Tuition: $899

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