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Don't let communication blunders and a lack of clarity hurt your career.

Course Description

Communication can make or break your career!

Believe it or not, you’re making a ton of communication mistakes right now. You can’t afford to stay stuck in a rut, making the same communication mistakes over and over again. And that’s exactly why you can’t miss Breaking Bad Communication Habits.

This one-day course is jam-packed with the strategies you need to identify and eliminate ingrained bad habits and start communicating more effectively right away!

Has confusion or a lack of clarity ever put you in a bind? Stop these problems before they start. Have you ever found yourself having to go back again and again to clarify instructions? Or found that despite your best efforts people just don’t seem to understand what you’re driving at? You’re not alone.

That’s why we developed Breaking Bad Communication Habits. You’ll learn to avoid common blunders like:

  • Using negative or passive language
  • The pitfalls of vague or unclear language
  • Passive-aggression and other problems with tone
  • And much, much more!

You Can’t Afford Not to Attend This Seminar!

It’s a fact: Your bad communication habits are causing unnecessary stress and confusion in your life. Even if you consider yourself a good communicator, you’re probably committing some cardinal sins without even realizing it. And that’s why you need Breaking Bad Communication Habits. Sign up for this course right now – you can’t afford not to!

Workshop Agenda

The Basics of Good Communication

  • What is good communication? Why is it important?
  • What makes a good communicator – shared traits among successful communicators
  • Presenting a professional image in all your communications
  • The importance of two-way dialogue and feedback
  • Projecting confidence and assertiveness in all of your communications

Communication Mistakes Everyone Makes and How to Avoid Them

  • The difference between just sending your message and communicating
  • Credibility killers and how to avoid them
  • Getting past the need to be right and avoiding passive-aggressiveness
  • Neglecting common courtesy: how “please” and “thank you” can make a world of difference
  • Chronic negativity and how to overcome it

Listening: An Often Overlooked Aspect of Communication

  • Why you’re an inefficient listener – you’re not hearing as much as you think you are
  • Active listening techniques to ensure you’re hearing what is actually being said
  • Questions: what to ask to clarify an unclear message
  • How to avoid spacing out when discussing uninteresting topics
  • Identifying supporting elements and anticipating points and objections: real strategies to make you a better listener

Communication Clarity Killers

  • Vague or unclear language – simple errors that can lead to huge headaches
  • The dangers of using negative or passive language
  • Failing to take your intended recipient’s perspective and point of view into consideration – a surefire recipe for misunderstanding
  • Beating around the bush – strategies to help you deliver negative or unpopular messages with clarity

Email Communication: Sending the Right Message

  • The secrets of successful email communication
  • Tone in email messages – how to make sure you’re not being misinterpreted
  • Subject lines are headlines: writing effective headers to grab and inform the reader
  • Specifying the desired response: providing clarity to avoid questions later
  • Formatting your email so that important points stand out

Nonverbal Communication

  • Body language and its impact on your message
  • Five common nonverbal mistakes everyone makes
  • Keeping your emotions in check, even when you’re close to losing control
  • Eye contact, posture, and other vital but often overlooked nonverbal communication elements
  • Why signals are often misread and how to avoid misinterpretation


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National Seminars Group
National Seminars Group


Don't let communication blunders and a lack of clarity hurt your career.

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Seminar Seminar

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Everyone who wants to improve his/her workplace communication skills

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Dates and Locations

Idaho Falls, ID
4/1/2020 - 4/1/2020
Tuition: $199

Atlanta, GA
4/8/2020 - 4/8/2020
Tuition: $199

Montgomery, AL
4/9/2020 - 4/9/2020
Tuition: $199

Houston, TX
4/17/2020 - 4/17/2020
Tuition: $199

Quincy, MA
4/21/2020 - 4/21/2020
Tuition: $199

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