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Leadership Skills Live In-Person Seminars

 Collaborative Leadership Skills for Managers


Develop a collaborative style to enhance team commitment and individual performance.


 Creative Leadership Skills for Managers & Supervisors


Still using your grandfather’s management style? Forget the way it’s always been done – FIND OUT HOW TO DO IT RIGHT!


 Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success


Learn when to lead and when to get out of the way: know and teach critical leadership skills to members of your team, so that any one of them can lead in your absence.


 Leadership Skills


This one day class offers effective skills and practical solutions for successful leadership.


 Leadership Through People Skills


When introduced to the Dimensional Model of Behaviour and Q4 Leadership Strategies, participants find it easy to understand and apply.


 Leading at the Next Level


You'll get direct and meaningful interaction with other leaders, who like you, are looking for solutions through learning advanced strategies to lead more effectively.


 Power of Your Presence


The Power of Your Presence introduces managers and professionals at all organizational levels to key principles that support and expand their personal leadership, impact and influence. This dynamic workshop provides "power skills" that rapidly enhance personal confidence, courage and presence in virtually any workplace interaction.


 Preparing for Leadership: What it Takes to Take the Lead


There’s a leader in you – learn how to reach your full potential!


 Preparing for the Next Level of Leadership


If you want to advance your career, this is the intensive one-day seminar for you!


 Remarkable Leadership Workshop


Discover How to Move Closer to your Personal Leadership Potential and Create the Results Your Organization Needs


 Social Intelligence for Leaders


Foster a positive and united team that is driven to succeed