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Security+ Certification Boot Camp On-Site Training

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Security+ Certification Boot Camp

Course Description/Agenda

CompTIA's Security+ is the premier vendor-neutral security certification and is included in the approved list of certifications to meet DoD Directive 8570.1 requirements. Our Security+ courseware has received CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum (CAQC) approval. The CompTIA CAQC symbol assures you that all test objectives are covered in the training material.

This course is your one source for exam preparation and includes pre-class online access to:

  • Security+ reading plan
  • Security+ study guide
  • Security+ certification practice exams

During class, you'll have access to:

  • Security+ student manual
  • Additional Security+ practice exam questions
  • Comprehension exercises, study digest, and quick reference card
  • Security+ exam administered on the last day

In this course, you will perform over 80 hands-on activities to reinforce Security+ concepts such as managing browser security, encrypting and digitally signing e-mail messages, and installing and configuring vulnerability scanners and intrusion detection systems. You will establish the essential components of a public key infrastructure, including starting a certificate authority, granting and revoking certificates, and configuring a secure web server using SSL. You will configure group policies and access control methods for restricting access to file shares. You will assess computer security using a baseline analyzer, and you will test user security by attempting to crack passwords and scan systems for vulnerable ports.

What You'll Learn

  • Mitigating threats
  • Cryptography
  • Authentication
  • User and role-based security
  • Peripheral security
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Application and messaging security
  • Ports and protocols
  • Network security
  • Wireless security
  • Remote access security
  • Auditing, logging, and monitoring
  • Vulnerability testing and monitoring
  • Organizational security
  • Business continuity
  • CompTIA Security+ objectives map
  • CompTIA Security+ acronyms

Course Prerequisites

CompTIA A+ certification and CompTIA Network+ certification or equivalent experience

Course Outline

1. Mitigating Threats

  • System maintenance
  • Application Security
  • Physical security
  • Malware
  • Social engineering

2. Cryptography

  • Symmetric cryptography
  • Public key cryptography

3. Authentication

  • Authentication factors and requirements
  • Authentication systems
  • Authentication system vulnerabilities

4. User- and Role-Based Security

  • Baseline security policies
  • Resource access

5. Peripheral Security

  • File and disk encryption
  • Peripheral and component security
  • Mobile device security

6. Public Key Infrastructure

  • Public key cryptography
  • Implementing public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Web server security with PKI

7. Application and Messaging Security

  • Application security
  • E-mail security
  • Social networking and messaging

8. Ports and Protocols

  • TCP/IP basics
  • Protocol-based attacks

9. Network Security

  • Network devices
  • Secure network topologies
  • Secure networking
  • Virtualization and cloud computing

10. Wireless Security

  • Wireless network security
  • Mobile device security

11. Remote Access Security

  • Remote access
  • Virtual private networks

12. Vulnerability Testing

  • Risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Auditing and logging
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Incident response

13. Organizational Security

  • Organizational policies
  • Education and training
  • Disposal and destruction

14. Business Continuity

  • Redundancy planning
  • Disaster recovery
  • Environmental controls

15. Certification Exam (Optional)


Appendix A: CompTIA Security+ Objectives Map

Appendix B: CompTIA Security+ Acronyms



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