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HTML5 Programming On-Site Training

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HTML5 Programming

Course Description/Agenda

In this course, you will learn the knowledge and skills needed to develop HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript web applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

What You'll Learn

  • Create a web application with HTML5 within Visual Studio 2010 SP1 IDE
  • New semantic and structural elements that can be used to create HTML5 web pages
  • Create web forms using the validation capabilities of the new input types and attributes in HTML5
  • Create layouts and styles using advanced CSS and CSS3
  • Integrate graphics and multimedia into web pages using Canvas, SVG, video, and audio elements
  • Implement offline data scenarios using the new HTML5 Web Storage API
  • Advanced HTML5 JavaScript APIs including drag-and-drop, File API, and Geolocation API
  • Create simple web applications using WebMatrix or ASP.NET MVC

Who Should Attend

Beginner web developers who have a basic knowledge of HTML and want to learn the core programming skills for HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to create web applications for the upcoming IE 10 browser and next version of the Windows operating system

Course Prerequisites

  • Developers with at least 3-6 months experience
  • One to three months experience with HTML and XML
  • Familiarity of the HTML document structure and associated terminology along with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

Course Outline

1. HTML5 Development

  • New Features in HTML and HTML5
  • CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery

2. Creating Page Structure and Navigation

  • HTML5 Structural Elements
  • Navigation and Menus

3. Creating Form Input and Validation

  • Input Types
  • Using Form Attributes, Browser Detection, Feature Detection, and Modernizer
  • Validation

4. Laying Out and Styling Webpages

  • Creating Layouts
  • Advanced CSS by using CSS3

5. Graphics and Multimedia Elements

  • Canvas Basics
  • Video/Audio Formats and Codecs
  • Controlling Multimedia and JavaScript

6. Creating Advanced Graphics

  • Drawing with AVG Animation
  • SVG vs. Canvas

7. Using Client-Side Storage

  • Web Storage vs. Cookies
  • Web Storage API

8. Using Advanced HTML5 JavaScript APIs

  • Using the Drag-and-Drop, File, and Geolocation APIs

9. Using WebMatrix and Other Developer Tools

  • Using WebMatrix and ASP.NET MVC 3 to Create a Web Site


Lab 1: Build a Basic Web Page in the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Environment

Lab 2: Create Page Structure and Navigation

Lab 3: Create Form Input and Validation

Lab 4: Lay Out and Style Web Pages

Lab 5: Get Started with Graphics and Multimedia Elements

Lab 6: Create Advanced Graphics

Lab 7: Use Client-Side Storage

Lab 8: Use Advanced HTML5 JavaScript APIs

Lab 9: Use WebMatrix and Other Developer Tools


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