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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Power Users and Site Collection Administrators On-Site Training

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Power Users and Site Collection Administrators

Course Description/Agenda

In this course for SharePoint 2010 power users and site administrators, you will gain an understanding of the major components of SharePoint 2010 and learn the new features and capabilities of SharePoint 2010. During the hands-on labs, you will walk through the site-creation process, covering common and advanced features of the basic team site. You will be guided through SharePoint Server site definitions (business intelligence, search center, etc.) and creating Workflows, and you'll get in-depth coverage of My Sites, social computing, site administration, site customization, and site collection administration.

This course incorporates materials from the Official Microsoft Learning Products: 50468 SharePoint 2010 End User - Level I and 50469 SharePoint 2010 End User - Level II.

What You'll Learn

  • SharePoint lists
  • Create permissions and basic SharePoint Foundation sites
  • When to use a list and when to use a database
  • Use Document ID service
  • How to use the Permission Checker
  • Create sub sites (team site)
  • How SharePoint integrates with Office
  • Explore all the new end-user features in SharePoint 2010
  • Effectively use the SharePoint Server site definitions
  • Learn to navigate the new ribbon
  • Discover the new My Sites features
  • Work with social computing features like tagging and ranking
  • Protect yourself in the social computing realm
  • Administer SharePoint Sites
  • Create page layouts and pages
  • Site collection

Who Should Attend

  • Business users and others who work with SharePoint sites on a regular basis
  • Individuals responsible for managing SharePoint sites as owners or site collection owners

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of web sites and SharePoint sites
  • Several months of experience working with SharePoint sites

Course Outline

1. SharePoint Introduction

  • What's New in SharePoint 2010
  • End User Adoption
  • What is SharePoint?
  • Why SharePoint?

2. Collaboration Experience

  • New SharePoint Features
  • Site Structure
  • Basic SharePoint Features

3. Lists

  • End-User and Database Considerations
  • List Views
  • SharePoint 2010 Features

4. List Management

  • Basic List Management
  • Advanced List Management

5. Permissions

  • SharePoint Permissions
  • Usernames and Domain Groups
  • Assign Permissions to a User or Group
  • Permission Checker

6. Foundation Site Definitions

  • SharePoint Foundation Sites
  • Creating Sites
  • Growth Scenarios

7. Office Integration

  • SharePoint Workspace 2010
  • Web Applications

8. Server Site Definitions

  • SharePoint Server Site Definition Details
  • Effectively use the SharePoint Server Site Definitions

9. Workflows

  • Build Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Edit Built-In Workflows
  • Implement Logging in Your Workflows

10. My Site

  • Create and Modify My Site
  • What is Social Computing?
  • My Site Social Networking Features

11. Site Administration

  • What a Site Administrator Is
  • Site Administration Tasks
  • Administer SharePoint Sites

12. Site Customization

  • Modify the Shared and Personal View of a Site
  • Add and Delete Pages and Web Part Pages
  • Basic Web Parts on a Team Site and Portal Sites
  • Administer Changes to SharePoint Master Pages and CSS

13. Site Collection Administration

  • Site Collection Administration Basics
  • Site Collection Administration Features


Lab 1: Collaboration Experience Lab

  • User Interface

Lab 2: Lists

  • Create a Document Library
  • Create a Form Library
  • Create Wiki Pages
  • Create a Picture Library
  • Create a Report Library
  • Create a Data Connection Library
  • Create an Asset Library
  • Create a Slide Library
  • Create Surveys
  • Create Custom Lists
  • Create General Lists
  • Create Views

Lab 3: List Management

  • Explore List Management
  • View New Features
  • Create Alerts

Lab 4: Permissions

  • Create SharePoint Permissions

Lab 5: Foundation Site Definitions

  • Create SharePoint Foundation Definitions

Lab 6: Office Integration

  • Explore Office Web Applications
  • Examine Visio and Access Services
  • Use Business Connectivity Services

Lab 7: Server Site Definitions

  • Use the Records and Search Center
  • Use Business Intelligence Center

Lab 8: Workflows

  • Use One of Each Built-In Activity (2007)
  • Use One of Each Built-In Activity (2010)
  • Create Reusable Workflows (Site/Global)
  • Modify Out-of-Box Workflows
  • Create a Looping Set of Workflows

Lab 9: My Site

  • Create Your My Site

Lab 10: Site Administration

  • Explore Galleries
  • Advanced Site Administration

Lab 11: Site Customization

  • Foundation Web Parts
  • Server Web Parts
  • Filter Web Parts
  • Master Page and CSS Customization
  • Page Layouts

Lab 12: Site Collection Administration

  • Search Settings, Scopes, and Keywords
  • Site Collection Cache Profiles, Object Cache and Output Cache


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