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IUC - Implementing Cisco Unity Connection v8.0 On-Site Training

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IUC - Implementing Cisco Unity Connection v8.0

Course Description/Agenda

In this course, you will examine the Cisco Unity Connection architecture, components, functionality, and features. You will learn to implement and administer Cisco Unity Connection to create a unified workspace encompassing applications, devices, networks, and operating systems. You will also explore the various administration tools and reports available in Cisco Unity Connection.

What You'll Learn

  • Cisco Unity Connection design and platform overlays
  • Deployment models and integration options
  • Digital networking and Voice Profile for Internet Messaging (VPIM)
  • Installation process
  • Verify the proper installation and integration
  • Configure digital networking
  • Concepts, function, and features of PBX IP Media Gateway (PIMG) and T1 Media Gateway (TIMG)
  • Features and configuration of fax integration
  • SpeechView and Live Record features
  • Purpose and function of the Cisco Object Backup and Restore Application Suite (COBRAS)
  • Features, function, and configuration of the Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT)
  • Navigate Cisco Unity Connection Administration
  • Call handlers, users, and call flow
  • How to add users and contacts
  • Implement the dial plan
  • Various user features
  • Design and build an audiotext application

Who Should Attend

  • IT support personnel responsible for implementation and integration of Cisco Unity Connection v8.0 servers
  • Help Desk support staff who will be installing and supporting Cisco Unity Connection v8.0 systems
  • Networking staff interested in Cisco Unity Connection voice mail installation and integration

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of voice mail systems
  • Knowledge of PBX operation or Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Knowledge of traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) operations and technologies

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Cisco Unity Connection

  • Integration
  • Deployment Models
  • Licensing for Unity Connection
  • Navigating Cisco Unity Connection
  • Call Handlers, Users, and Call Flow

2. Installing and Integrating Cisco Unity Connection

  • Pre- and Post-Installation Steps
  • Integrating Cisco Unity Connection

3. Digital Networking

  • Joining Servers to a Digital Network
  • Post-Networking Tasks

4. VPIM Networking

  • VPIM
  • Configuring VPIM Locations and Contacts
  • Customizing VPIM Features

5. Advanced Integration Concepts

  • PIMG/TIMG Integration
  • Fax Server Integration
  • Live Record Feature
  • SpeechView

6. Cisco Unity Connection User Operation

  • Cisco Unified RTMT and SNMP

7. Configuring Users and Contacts

  • Users and Contacts
  • Managing Multiple Users

8. Implementing Features

  • Implementing the Dial Plan
  • User Features
  • Accessing Voice Messaging and User Features
  • Managing Distribution Lists

9. Using Cisco Unity Connection Applications, Tools, and Reports

  • Designing an Audiotext Application
  • Cisco Unity Connection Tools and Reports
  • Using the Disaster Recovery System


Lab 1: Topology and Deployment

Lab 2: Load CUCM Base Configuration

Lab 3: Load Phones

Lab 4: Configuring Unity Connection for Integration

Lab 5: Enhanced - Configuring CUCM for Integration with Unity Connection

Lab 6: Add Users and Test Integration

Lab 7: Implementing Digital Networking

Lab 8: Managing Cross-Server Login and Transfers

Lab 9: Implementing VPIM Networking

Lab 10: Live Record

Lab 11: SpeechView

Lab 12: Enhanced - Migration: COBRAS

Lab 13: Real Time Monitoring Tool

Lab 14: Managing Cisco Unity Connection Disaster Recovery

Lab 15: Exclusive - Subscriber Installation

Lab 16: Opening Greeting

Lab 17: Class of Service and Roles

Lab 18: Schedule

Lab 19: Add Voice Mail Users and Contacts

Lab 20: Bulk Administration and Edit Tools

Lab 21: Adding Unity Connection Subscribers via CUCM

Lab 22: Adding Unity Connection Subscribers via LDAP

Lab 23: Dial Plan: Partitions and Calling Search Spaces

Lab 24: Configuring Basic User Features

Lab 25: Configuring Integrated Messaging and User Features

Lab 26: Enhanced - Interview and Call Handlers

Lab 27: Exclusive - Greetings and Broadcast Administrators

Lab 28: Unity Connection Tools and Reports

Lab 29: Disaster Recovery System


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