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DCUCTS - Cisco Data Center Unified Computing System Troubleshooting v1.0 On-Site Training

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DCUCTS - Cisco Data Center Unified Computing System Troubleshooting v1.0

Course Description/Agenda

In this hands-on course, you will learn how to recognize and troubleshoot Level 2 Unified Computing Systems (UCS) B-Series, UCS C-series, and Nexus 1000 integration issues and system failures. You'll practice using the proper tools and procedures to isolate, identify, and resolve Cisco UCS B-Series, C-Series, and Nexus 1000V operational failures.

In 15 labs, you will develop a basic understanding of the existing systems and troubleshooting tools. Then, you will work through focused troubleshooting procedures using proven tools and techniques for the various features and functions of the UCS, including Service Profiles, IPMI, Layer 2 Port Channel, LAN and SAN connectivity, and Layer 3 IP connectivity.

What You'll Learn

  • Recognize UCS system failures and resolve UCS system failures using the correct tools to identify the cause of a UCS system failure
  • Tools and procedures used to isolate, identify, and resolve Nexus 1000V operational failures

Who Should Attend

  • UCS support-level engineers
  • Technicians and engineers responsible for advanced UCS troubleshooting

Course Outline

1. Troubleshooting Cisco UCS in the Data Center

  • Cisco UCS Configuration Confirmation
    • UCS Architecture
    • Using Management Interfaces to Identify UCS Configuration Parameters
    • Chassis and Blade Discovery
  • Cisco UCS Support Tools
    • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
    • Serial over LAN (SoL)
    • Data Gathering
  • Cisco UCS Advanced Operations
    • Ethernet Switching Mode
      • EHV Mode
      • Switch Mode
    • Fibre Channel Switching Mode
      • NPV Mode
      • Fiber Channel Switch Mode
    • Counters and Statistics
  • LAN and SAN Connectivity
    • LAN Connectivity
    • SAN Connectivity
    • SAN Boot
  • Cisco UCS Upgrades
    • Bundles
    • Fabric Interconnect Recovery
  • Cisco Unified Computing System Memory
    • Memory Primer
  • Integrating C-Series and Cisco UCS Manager
    • Installation

2. Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Installation and Operations Problems

  • Installations on Cisco UCS
    • Troubleshooting the Installation of Nexus 1000V on UCS B-Series Servers Running VMware
    • VSM Installation Considerations
    • VEM Installation Considerations
    • Troubleshooting VSM-VEM Connectivity Issues
    • Troubleshooting High Availability Problems
  • Data Plane Issues
    • Virtual and Physical Interfaces: VM Guest to External Network
    • Nexus 1000V Operations: Data Plane Pack Flow
    • Troubleshooting Approaches Based on TAC Cases


Lab 1: Initial System Exploration

Lab 2: Troubleshooting Cisco UCS Service Profiles

Lab 3: Cisco UCS Support Tools

Lab 4: Troubleshooting IPMI

Lab 5: Cisco UCS Modes of Operation

Lab 6: Port Channel Troubleshooting

Lab 7: LAN and SAN Connectivity

Lab 8: IP Network Troubleshooting

Lab 9: Cisco UCS Upgrades

Lab 10: Memory Data Collection

Lab 11: Memory Troubleshooting

Lab 12: Troubleshooting and Verifying C-Series Integration with Cisco UCS Manager

Lab 13: Tools and Techniques for Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Installation Problems

Lab 14: Commands and Procedures for Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Data Plane Issues

Lab 15: Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Installation and Control and Data Plane Problems


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