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ICND2 - Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 2 On-Site Training

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ICND2 - Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 2

Course Description/Agenda

Building on the skills provided by ICND1 (Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 1), ICND2 not only delivers essential information needed to pass the CCNA certification exams, it also gives you a solid technical foundation to ensure that you can succeed on the job.

We've added our own real-world, hands-on labs designed by expert instructors to give you experience with practical scenarios, including issues involved when you expand the switched network from a small to medium network environment.

Global Knowledge Exclusive!

Our ICND2 course includes over $1,000 in extras at no additional cost:

  • One free exam voucher for 640-816 ICND2
  • Free ICND2 Self-Paced e-Learning CD
  • Access to our enhanced lab topology including two routers and one switch per pod
  • Five extra ICND2 e-Lab credits, good for 30 days, so you can practice and refine your skills
  • Kaplan SelfTest's exam prep products
  • An unrivaled ICND2 guarantee

What You'll Learn

  • Review how to configure and troubleshoot a switch and router in a small network environment
  • Expand the switched network from a small to medium network environment
  • Issues with redundant switching
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Concepts of VLANs and trunking
  • Routing between VLANs
  • Implementing VLSM
  • Configure, verify, and troubleshoot OSPF and EIGRP
  • When to use access control lists (ACLs) and how to configure, verify, and troubleshoot them
  • Configure NAT and PAT
  • Configure IPv6 addressing and Routing Information Protocol new generation (RIPng)
  • VPN solutions
  • Configure PPP, CHAP, and PAP
  • Frame Relay operation and troubleshooting

Who Should Attend

  • Network technicians and specialists looking to increase their knowledge of medium-sized switched and routed networks
  • Anyone looking to achieve CCNA certification

Course Prerequisites

  • Firm background in data networking
  • Some hands-on experience with Cisco routers and switches
  • Basic working knowledge of switches and routers
  • Complete understanding of the OSI model, IP addressing, and IP subnetting

Course Outline

1. Small Network Implementation

2. Medium-Sized Switched Network Construction

  • VLANs and Trunks
  • Spanning Tree Performance Optimization
  • Routing Between VLANs
  • Securing the Expanded Network
  • Troubleshooting Switched Networks

3. Medium-Sized Routed Network Construction

  • Routing Operations
  • Implementing VLSM

4. Single-Area Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

  • Implementing OSPF
  • Troubleshooting OSPF

5. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

  • Implementing EIGRP
  • Troubleshooting EIGRP

6. Access Control Lists (ACLs)

  • ACL Operation
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting ACLs

7. Address Space Management

  • Scaling the Network with NAT and PAT
  • Transitioning to IPv6

8. LAN Extension into a WAN

  • VPN Solutions
  • Establishing a Point-to-Point WAN Connection with PPP
  • Establishing a WAN Connection with Frame Relay
  • Troubleshooting Frame Relay WANs


Lab 1: Implementing a Small Network (Review Lab)

Configure your workgroup switch and router with a basic configuration based on the network information provided.

Lab 2: Enhanced - Configuring Expanded Switch Networks

Expand the switch configuration to meet specific VLAN and network requirements.

Lab 3: Enhanced - Troubleshooting Switched Networks

Use troubleshooting methods discussed to diagnose, isolate, and correct problems commonly found in a switched network.

Lab 4: Enhanced - Implementing OSPF

Configure your workgroup routers to use the dynamic routing protocol OSPF.

Lab 5: Enhanced - Troubleshooting OSPF

Use troubleshooting methods discussed to diagnose, isolate, and correct problems commonly found when running the OSPF routing protocol.

Lab 6: Enhanced - Implementing EIGRP

Configure your workgroup routers to migrate from OSPF to EIGRP.

Lab 7: Enhanced - Troubleshooting EIGRP

Use troubleshooting methods discussed to diagnose, isolate, and correct problems commonly found when running the EIGRP routing protocol.

Lab 8: Enhanced - Implementing ACLs

Create IP standard, extended, and named ACLs and verify that they are working

Lab 9: Exclusive - Troubleshooting ACLs

Troubleshoot common IP ACL issues.

Lab 10: Enhanced - Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT)

Configure your workgroup routers to use static and dynamic NAT and PAT.

Lab 11: Enhanced - Implementing IPv6

Configure IPv6 addresses on your workgroup routers and deploy RIPng between them.

Lab 12: Enhanced - Establishing a Frame Relay WAN

Create a Frame Relay connection to the other pod router and to the core router using a serial interface on each pod router.

Lab 13: Enhanced - Troubleshooting Frame Relay WANs

Use troubleshooting methods discussed to diagnose, isolate, and correct problems commonly found in a Frame Relay network.

Lab 14: Exclusive - The Super Lab

Rebuild the configuration on the pod devices from scratch, including security, IP addressing, interface encapsulations, and routing protocol.


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