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HP A-Series Networking Technologies On-Site Training

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HP A-Series Networking Technologies

Course Description/Agenda

This course introduces you to the technologies and products in the HP A-Series line of routers and switches, including setup, configuration, and backup.


HP AIS - Network Infrastructure [2011]

What You'll Learn

  • A-Series networking products and technologies
  • Configure basic setup parameters
  • Update software for A-Series switches and routers
  • Save and back up configuration files for A-Series switches and routers
  • Configure and verify VLANs
  • Configure ports for trunk, access, or hybrid mode to support various VLAN configurations
  • Configure device-access security features such as passwords, privilege levels, and SSH
  • Configure and verify link aggregation
  • Configure Spanning Tree
  • Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
  • Configure IP static routes
  • Configure RIP routing

Course Prerequisites

  • Getting Started with HP Wireless Networks

Course Outline

1. Product Overview

  • HP A-Series portfolio
  • A-Series campus switch portfolio
  • A-Series router portfolio

2. Basic Configuration of A-Series Devices

  • Management interfaces
  • Console cable
  • Using the console port
  • Authentication modes
  • CLI command privilege levels
  • Configure console access
  • Configure Telnet access
  • Configure SSH access
  • Views (contexts) structure
  • Views in the CLI
  • A-Series CTRL
  • Saving and deleting working configurations
  • Common upgrade methods
  • A-MSR router upgrade in FTP mode
  • Boot menu: File control
  • Initial system configuration
  • Useful command reference

3. Configuring VLANs and Link Aggregation

  • Configuring switch ports
  • Display port status
  • VLANs
  • Switch VLAN port types
  • VLAN configuration-Sample setup
  • Creating VLANs
  • List VLANs
  • Defining access ports
  • Defining multiple access ports
  • Creating hybrid ports for IP phones
  • List hybrid ports
  • Defining uplinks as trunk ports
  • VLAN configuration on distribution switch
  • Define IP addresses on distribution switch
  • Link aggregation
  • Static link aggregation
  • An aggregated link is a virtual port
  • Dynamic link aggregation
  • Outbound load sharing mode
  • Display status of link aggregation

4. Configuring Spanning Tree

  • STP support
  • STP vs. RSTP/MSTP port roles
  • MSTP/RSTP port roles and states
  • Typical configuration with MSTP
  • What happens if MSTP region configuration is wrong?
  • MSTP configuration steps
    • Steps 1 and 2: Enable MSTP and configure MSTP region
  • Verify MSTP region configuration
    • Step 3: Define root and secondary root of MSTP instances
  • Verify MSTP instance configuration
  • Status of STP ports in all instances
    • Step 4: Define edge and non-edge ports
    • Step 5: Enhance STP
  • STP between MSTP regions

5. Implementing IRF

  • Advantages of IRF
  • IRF specifications
  • Basic IRF concepts
  • High availability
  • IRF application scenario
    • Increasing port density
    • Expanding system processing capabilities
    • Expanding bandwidth
  • How IRF simplifies networks
  • Advantages of this topology
  • IRF master election
  • Member IDs
  • Configuration files
  • Configuration steps
  • IRF display commands

6. Routing Basics and RIP

  • IP routes sources preferences
  • Static routes
  • RIP
  • Split horizon
  • RIP configuration
    • Verification


Lab 1: Initial Router and Switch Configuration

Lab 2: VLANs and Link Aggregation

Lab 3: Spanning Tree

Lab 4: Configuring IRF (Optional)

Lab 5: RIP


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