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Program Management Professional (PgMP) Exam Prep Boot Camp On-Site Training

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Program Management Professional (PgMP) Exam Prep Boot Camp

Course Description/Agenda

In this course, you will learn to apply the generally recognized practices of program management acknowledged by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

What You'll Learn

  • Program management concepts, roles, and the external factors that affect it
  • Examine the program management life cycle phases and benefits management
  • Program management processes
  • Program integration management knowledge area
  • Program scope management
  • Time management knowledge area
  • Tools and techniques used in managing program cost, program quality, and human resource management
  • Communication management knowledge area
  • Risk management processes of a program
  • Procurement management knowledge area
  • Program financial management process
  • Process of program stakeholder management
  • Program governance management

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced program management professionals interested in formal program management training,
  • Professionals working toward the Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI) Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification, or completing Professional Development Units for PgMP renewal

Course Prerequisites

  • At least four years of experience in the area of project management
  • Experience in program management
  • Familiarity with general project and program management terms and concepts

Course Outline

1. Fundamentals of Program Management

  • Program Management
  • Program Management Roles
  • Factors Impacting a Program

2. Examining Program Life Cycle and Benefits Management

  • Program Life Cycle
  • Phase 1: Pre-Program Preparations
  • Phase 2: Program Initiation
  • Phase 3: Program Setup
  • Phase 4: Delivery of Program Benefits
  • Phase 5: Program Closure
  • Program Benefits Management

3. Program Management Processes

  • Components of the Program Management Process
  • Program Management Process Groups

4. Managing Program Integration

  • Program Integration Management
  • Program Initiation Process
  • Develop a Program Management Plan
  • Develop the Program Infrastructure
  • Direct and Manage Program Execution
  • Manage Program Resources
  • Monitor and Control Program Performance
  • Manage Program Issues
  • Close a Program

5. Managing Program Scope

  • Plan Program Scope
  • Program Goals and Objectives
  • Develop Program Requirements
  • Develop Program Architecture
  • Develop Program Work Breakdown Structure
  • Manage Program Architecture
  • Manage Component Interfaces
  • Monitor and Control Program Scope

6. Managing Program Time

  • Develop Program Schedule
  • Monitor and Control Program Schedule

7. Program Cost Management

  • Tools and Techniques for Cost Estimation
  • Tools and Techniques for Cost Budgeting
  • Tools and Techniques for Cost Control

8. Program Quality Management

  • Tools and Techniques to Plan Program Quality
  • Tools and Techniques to Perform Quality Assurance
  • Tools and Techniques to Control Program Quality

9. Program Human Resources Management

  • Examine Organizational Theories
  • Team Development Techniques
  • Interpersonal Skills Required for Program and Project Managers

10. Managing Program Communication

  • Plan for Communication
  • Distribute Information
  • Report on Program Performance

11. Program Risk Management

  • Plan Program Risk Management
  • Identify Program Risks
  • Analyze Program Risks
  • Plan Program Risk Responses
  • Monitor and Control Program Risks

12. Managing Program Procurement

  • Plan Program Procurement
  • Conduct Program Procurement
  • Administer Program Procurement
  • Close Program Procurement

13. Program Financial Management

  • Establish the Program Financial Framework
  • Develop a Program Financial Plan
  • Estimate Program Costs
  • Budget Program Costs
  • Monitor and Control Program Financials

14. Managing Program Stakeholders

  • Plan Program Stakeholder Management
  • Identify Program Stakeholders
  • Engage Program Stakeholders
  • Manage Program Stakeholder Expectations

15. Program Governance Management

  • Plan and Establish Program Governance Structure
  • Plan for Audits
  • Plan Program Quality
  • Approve Component Initiation
  • Provide Governance Oversight
  • Manage Program Benefits
  • Monitor and Control Program Changes
  • Approve Component Transition

Appendix A: Program Management-Best Practices

Appendix B: Program Management-Lessons Learned

Appendix C: Program Management-Case Studies from the Industry

Appendix D: Program Management Tool-Essential Characteristics

Appendix E: Role Delineation Study (RDS) Mapping

Appendix F: Course Mapping with PgMP Standards


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