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Managing Projects with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 On-Site Training

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Managing Projects with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

Course Description/Agenda

Learn the key techniques to effectively manage projects using Microsoft Project Server 2007. In this hands-on course with intensive skills training, you'll learn to create project calendars and resources; appropriately identify, enter, organize, and relate project tasks; assign resources and costs; baseline your project; use different views within the software to understand budget, status, and allocations; and run standard and customized reports.

This course incorporates material from the Official Microsoft Learning Product 5928: Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, Managing Projects.

What You'll Learn

  • Get started with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007
  • Initiate projects
  • Understand the project planning processes
  • Plan projects through scope and schedule management
  • Plan projects through staffing management plans
  • Plan resource assignments for projects
  • Plan projects through cost, risk, and other planning documents
  • Execute projects through processes, resources, and deliverables
  • Execute projects by managing timesheets and personal settings
  • Monitor and control projects by tracking task and project progress
  • Monitor and control projects through measuring project performance and reporting progress
  • Close projects

Who Should Attend

Associate project managers, project managers, IT project managers, project coordinators, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, product managers, program managers, project team members, stakeholders, and senior managers who want to use Microsoft Project Server 2007 to create and monitor excellent project plans.

Course Prerequisites

  • Experience using Microsoft Office Project to create project schedules
  • Fundamental knowledge of project management
  • Experience with the Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Excel 2003
  • Familiarity with the key project management concepts and terminology found in the PMIĀ® PMBOKĀ® Guide
  • Recommended:
    • Managing Projects with Microsoft Office Project 2007
    • or
    • Managing Projects with Microsoft Office Project 2007 Boot Camp

Course Outline

1. Getting Started with Office Project Server 2007

  • Enterprise Project Management Context
  • Discovering Office Project Server 2007
  • Differentiating the Users of Office Project Server 2007
  • Working with Office Project Professional 2007 and Office Project Server 2007

2. Initiating Projects

  • Initiating Processes
  • Differentiating the Initiating Processes in Project Professional 2007 and Project Web Access
  • Managing Initiating Processes by Using Project Web Access
  • Managing Documents in Office Project Web Access

3. Planning Projects-Context and Framework

  • The Project Management Plan
  • Differentiating the Office Project Server 2007 Client Software

4. Planning Projects-Scope and Schedule Management

  • Developing Components of the Scope Management and Schedule Management Plans
  • Working with Deliverables

5. Planning Projects-Staffing Management Plan

  • Building a Project Team
  • Managing Resource Availability

6. Planning Projects-Resource Assignments

  • The Assignment Cycle
  • Resolving Resource Overallocation

7. Planning Projects-Cost, Risk, and Other Management Plans

  • Developing Components of the Cost Management Plan
  • Developing Components of the Risk Management Plan
  • Linking Planning Documents and Using the Team Discussion Feature

8. Executing Projects-Processes, Resources, and Deliverables

  • Executing Processes
  • Managing Resources and Deliverables

9. Executing Projects-Managing Timesheets and Personal Settings

  • Working with Timesheets
  • Reporting Administrative Time
  • Configuring Personal Settings

10. Monitoring and Controlling Projects-Tracking Task and Project Progress

  • The Monitoring and Controlling Processes
  • Working with Task Progress and Updates in Project Web Access
  • Working with Task Progress by Using Office Project 2007
  • Tracking and Viewing Task Information by Using Outlook 2007

11. Monitoring and Controlling Projects-Measuring Performance and Reporting Progress

  • Status Reports
  • Reviewing Performance Metrics and Progress Reports

12. Closing Projects

  • The Closing Process
  • Supporting The Closing Process


Lab - Course Topic 1: Creating and Saving a New Project in Office Project Server 2007

  • Connecting to Office Project Server 2007
  • Creating a New Project
  • Saving a New Project

Lab - Course Topic 2: Initiating Projects and Working with Document Files

  • Creating an Activity Plan
  • Building a Resource Plan
  • Creating a Project Workspace
  • Managing Documents

Lab - Course Topic 4: Working with Tasks, Milestones, and Deliverables

  • Entering WBS, Tasks, and Milestones
  • Creating the Project Schedule
  • Creating Project Deliverables
  • Managing Dependencies on Deliverables

Lab - Course Topic 5: Managing Enterprise Resources

  • Building the Project Team

Lab - Course Topic 6: Working with Assignments

  • Assigning Resources
  • Self-Assigning to a Team Task
  • Reassigning Assignments
  • Leveling Overallocation with Enterprise Resources

Lab - Course Topic 7: Planning Projects-Cost, Risks, Issues, and Other Planning Documents

  • Entering Costs for Resources
  • Customizing Risk Items
  • Customizing Issue Items
  • Uploading Project Documents to the Project Workspace

Lab - Course Topic 8: Executing Projects-Processes, Resources, and Deliverables

  • Modifying the Project Team and Managing Deliverables
  • Managing Deliverables

Lab - Course Topic 9: Using Timesheets and Reporting Administrative Time

  • Using Timesheets
  • Reporting Non-Project Work

Lab - Course Topic 10: Tracking Task Progress

  • Tracking Task Progress Using Office Project 2007
  • Tracking Task Progress Using Office Project Web Access

Lab - Course Topic 11: Preparing Status Reports and Analyzing Progress Reports

  • Preparing a Status Report
  • Analyzing Project Progress in Project Center Views
  • Analyzing Project Progress in Project Report Center

Lab - Course Topic 12: Creating and Saving an Enterprise Template

  • Creating and Saving an Enterprise Template


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