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Avaya Communication Server (CS) 1000 7.5 System Administration and Management On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Avaya Communication Server (CS) 1000 7.5 System Administration and Management

Course Description/Agenda

This foundation-level course is the starting point for your Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000) 7.5 training. Through presentations and interactive practices, you will learn how to use the system management tools to perform basic system administration and management tasks. This course emphasizes using Element Manager for a CS 1000 system running on a Linux platform, and it assumes the system is fully installed and operational.

Important: If you have successfully completed Meridian 1 or CS 1000 training at Release 6.0, please contact a training consultant to identify which courses best meet your needs.

What You'll Learn

  • Basic functionality of the CS 1000 system management tools and interfaces and recommended programming hierarchy when configuring system parameters
  • Passwords and system security features used to protect system resources
  • Use Element Manager via Unified Communications Manager (UCM) to perform system administration and management
  • Access Restriction features used to control degrees of access
  • Fundamentals of implementing a dialing plan and interpreting directory number data blocks
  • Customer fundamentals and using Element Manager customer pages to enable and configure customer-level parameters
  • Programming guidelines for digital and IP phones, including system-, customer-, and telephone-level requirements
  • Use Element Manager Phones configuration tool to add, edit, search, swap, and move telephones per customer requirements
  • List configuration using the List Manager feature
  • IP phone feature configuration including Personal Call Directory, Callers List, Redial List, and Virtual Office
  • Use Subscriber Manager to create, modify, and update subscriber accounts and user information
  • Implement the Corporate Directory feature
  • Route and trunk fundamentals
  • Use Element Manager to configure circuit-based and virtual routes and trunks
  • Enable the Traffic Report Collection feature and perform the steps required to view reports

Who Should Attend

Customer service representatives and personnel responsible for system administration and management of CS 1000 systems

Course Prerequisites

  • ATU00180OEN: Avaya System Manager General Overview (available at
  • GK 0280: Avaya Communication Server 1000 Familiarization Release 7.5 (0200) or successful completion of the 0200J pre-test

Course Outline

1. System Management Fundamentals

2. Element Manager

3. Access Restrictions

4. Dial Plan Implementation

5. Customer Administration

6. Telephone Administration

7. List Manager

8. IP Phone Features

9. Subscriber Manager

10. Corporate Directory

11. Routes and Trunks

12. Traffic Reporting


Lab 1: Access EM from UCM Elements List and Login and Logout

Lab 2: Access EM and Navigate EM Interface

Lab 3: Print and Interpret DNB

Lab 4: Add a Phone and Program Features

Lab 5: Create Template

Lab 6: Import Phones

Lab 7: Edit Phones

Lab 8: Generate Reports

Lab 9: Create, Modify, and Update Subscriber Manager

Lab 10: Configure, Upload, and Activate a Corporate Directory

Lab 11: Program Trunks Using EM

Lab 12: Enable Traffic Collection and Display Reports

Lab 13: Optional Work Project


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