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BCM Release 6.0 Boot Camp On-Site Training

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BCM Release 6.0 Boot Camp

Course Description/Agenda

In this Boot Camp that combines content from Avaya courses 6045 and 6046, you will learn to install, configure, operate, and support BCM50 and BCM450 Release 6.0 systems.

This course is for people who have experience with BCM products. In addition to having a solid understanding of VoIP theory, you should have completed the prerequisite course 0365 VoIP Technologies before attending this class.

What You'll Learn

  • BCM50 and BCM450 system hardware components
  • BCM50 and BCM450 system installation
  • Initial configuration of a BCM50 and BCM450 system
  • Setting up accounts and privileges
  • Configuring telephony resources
  • Configuring trunks and target lines
  • Configuring VoIP gateways
  • Unified Communications features
  • Using CallPilot Manager to set system properties
  • Configuring CallPilot mailboxes
  • Configuring Auto Attendant
  • Configuring Custom Call Routing
  • Monitor and analyze system status and performance
  • Perform system management tasks
  • Upgrade BCM software
  • Configure VLANs

Who Should Attend

Technicians, administrators, customer service representatives, and other personnel responsible for the installation, configuration, operation and support of BCM50 and BCM450 systems

Course Prerequisites

  • 0365 VoIP Technologies
  • You must also have the following:
    • Ability to use Windows 2000, 2003, or XP
    • Ability to install and configure software
    • Experience and competency with BCM50 Rls.3.0 and BCM450 Rls. 1.0 or BCM Rls 5.0
    • Ability to install and wire telephones
    • Knowledge of key system, hybrid, and PBX functionality
    • Knowledge of trunks and lines, including various trunk types (analog and digital)
    • Knowledge of central office (CO) functionality
    • Familiarity with basic telephony terms (such as target lines, line pools, T1)
    • Knowledge of T1 and VoIP theory and concepts

Course Outline

Key Topics:

  • BCM50 and BCM450 hardware installation and configuration
  • Security policies and accounts and privileges setup
  • Configuring telephony sets, trunks, and target lines
  • Configuring VoIP
  • Configuring Unified Communications features
  • CallPilot Manager
  • CallPilot mailboxes
  • Auto Attendant
  • Custom Call Routing


Labs you will perform include:

  • Install the BCM main unit and expansion unit
  • Verify media bay module settings
  • Connect cabling to the BCM
  • Install telephones and peripherals
  • Determine the DHCP server configuration
  • Retrieve a keycode
  • Customize a Startup Profile for your system
  • Configure basic parameters using the Startup Profile
  • Download and install Business Element Manager
  • Use Element Manager to define the BCM as a new network element
  • Connect to a BCM element
  • Configure system policies
  • Configure user accounts, user groups, and privileges
  • Configure local VoIP trunks
    • SIP trunk registration
    • H.323
  • Register IP phones to the system
  • Configure BCM UC features:
    • InTouch
    • Find Me/Follow Me
    • UM/Message Forwarding
  • Meet Me Conference
  • Configure a BCM for Unified Messaging
  • Install Unified Messaging software on a client PC


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