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Appcelerator: Advanced Titanium Mobile Development On-Site Training

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Appcelerator: Advanced Titanium Mobile Development

Course Description/Agenda

The Advanced Titanium Mobile Development (ATMD) course and certification training are intended to give Titanium Certified Application Developers (TCAD) a deeper understanding of the Titanium Mobile platform. TCAD-certified developers will learn to build attractive and best-of-breed mobile applications using a wide range of cross-platform and platform-specific device APIs.

Note: You must provide your own equipment for this class. A computing system with functional Titanium Studio with Android SDK and/or iOS SDK supported versions installed is required.


This course prepares you for the Advanced Titanium Mobile Development (ATMD) certification.

What You'll Learn

  • Work with designers and visual assets to create high-quality, custom user interfaces
  • Core principles of mobile user experience design and Apple's Human Interface Guidelines
  • Use platform-specific device APIs and configuration to deliver a best-of-breed experience on each mobile platform
  • Enhance the core Titanium platform with modules, including those available in the Titanium+Plus offering
  • Deepen knowledge of the Titanium platform by covering advanced use cases, performance tips, UI configurations, and device APIs

Who Should Attend

Application developers, system integrators, programmers, and designers who have achieved TCAD certification

Course Prerequisites

  • TCAD certification
  • Computing system with functional Titanium Studio with Android SDK and/or iOS SDK supported versions installed
  • Strongly Recommended: Bring Android and/or iOS devices, along with tethering cables, to class
  • Recommended: Register for Android Market and iOS Dev Center accounts (Note: You will need to pay the respective developer account fees to Apple and Google (either individual/team/company accounts). These accounts are necessary to complete the new Deployment and Distribution lab but not necessary to take the course.)

Course Outline

1. Performance Optimization

Titanium Mobile removes a lot of the memory management cruft required by the mobile SDKs for Android and iOS. However, as applications become more complex, it is necessary to understand how Titanium handles resources and how you can nudge Titanium to do the right thing with your own application's resources. Learn some tips and tricks for performance improvement in this brief module.

2. Mobile User Experience Design

Mobile device designers and developers must create a laser-focused user experience to succeed in mobile application development. In this module, learn the tools and techniques for designing and implementing user experiences optimized for mobile devices.

3. Advanced UI Development

Go beyond the black and white table views and built-in components to unlock the full potential of native interfaces in Titanium Mobile. Learn to use design assets to fully customize the appearance of user interface (UI) elements.

4. TableViews

The TableView is the most common component in Titanium Mobile applications, and it is extremely powerful and flexible. Explore all the capabilities of the TableView in depth in this module.

5. Gestures and Orientation Change

A crucial element of mobile UIs is that the modes of interaction are radically different than the keyboard and mouse inputs on the desktop. Mobile UIs are expected to be very tactile and usable from portrait or landscape layouts. In this module, learn how to deal with orientation and gestures using Titanium Mobile APIs.

6. User Input Collection

Data entry in a mobile application is much different than sitting at a keyboard with a desktop computer. In this module, you will learn how to collect data from users in a streamlined way.

7. ScrollViews

When dealing with the limited screen size of the mobile device, it becomes necessary to use scrollable content areas to fit necessary data into a UI. Examine the types of scrollable views in a Titanium application in this module.

8. Animation

Adding animations to a UI can help visually indicate to a user that the state of the application has changed (in addition to just looking cool). Judicially applied animations can help enhance a UI greatly and are an essential element of 2-D or simple 3-D games, which one can also build with Titanium. In this module, learn several techniques for animating UI components.

9. Android API Deep Dive

Cross-platform in Titanium Mobile does not mean "write once and run everywhere." It means that from a single codebase, you can create a fully native application experience that stays far away from the "uncanny valley." In this module, learn how to use Android-specific features to create a best-of-breed application for Android.

10. iOS API Deep Dive

Learn how to use iOS-specific features to create a best-of-breed application for iOS.

11. Extending Titanium

Just because you're using an abstraction layer like Titanium doesn't mean you can't drop down to native code once in a while when the situation calls for it. In this module, you will learn to extend Titanium Mobile with your custom modules.

12. Titanium+Plus Overview

In addition to the open-source Titanium Mobile platform, Appcelerator makes additional modules available in our Titanium+Plus offering to address specific use cases, such as in-app purchasing or barcode scanning. In this module, learn how to consume Titanium+Plus modules.

13. Advanced Titanium Mobile Development Certification Exam

Ask final questions before you make your first of three attempts at passing the ATMD certification exam.


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