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Secure Remote Access Administrator Training v10 On-Site Training

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Secure Remote Access Administrator Training v10

Course Description/Agenda

This three-day course provides instruction on the administration and management of the SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SSL VPN appliance to enable secure, anywhere access to applications and resources for employees, business partners, and other users.

You will learn how to use the SonicWALL Aventail Management Console (AMC) to provide users with secure access to any application from corporate laptops or un-managed computers based on secure authentication and authorization policies and appropriate End Point Control requirements. You will also learn how to deploy SonicWALL Symantec Secure Desktop for added security and to deploy graphical terminal shortcuts for native Web-based access to Windows Terminal Servers and Citrix server farms.

Formative evaluations (knowledge checks and hands-on exercises) are incorporated throughout, and at the end of the course, the instructor will administer an online certification exam.


Any participant who successfully completes this course and passes the certification exam will be deemed a Certified SonicWALL System Administrator (CSSA).

What You'll Learn

  • Maintain and monitor a SonicWALL Symantec E-Class SSL VPN appliance
  • Provide secure access to applications and resources for a variety of users
  • Deploy SonicWALL Symantec Secure Desktop

Who Should Attend

Administrators of Aventail E-Class SSL VPN appliances who need to maintain and monitor an Aventail E-Class SSL VPN appliance

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of:
    • Technologies being used in your environment or the environments of your customers
    • Networking and networking technologies
    • Directories (LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, or RADIUS)
    • VPN technology (IPSec and SSL)
  • Comfort with basic command-line utilities
  • Familiarity with SSL, certificates, and certificate authorities
  • Experience with UNIX or Linux

Course Outline

1. Course Introduction

2. Installation and Settings

Includes creating administrator accounts and roles, managing product licensing, network configurations, DNS settings, routing, and the process of creating and installing SSL certificates and CA certificates using AMC.

3. Authentication Servers

Includes setting up Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS, and PKI authentication servers, as well as covering advanced settings such as Active Directory and LDAP over SSL, password management, NTLM authentication forwarding and using customized authentication prompts.

4. User Management

Includes setting up realms and using chained authentication, creating references to users and groups (including using dynamic groups and nested groups), and defining communities for group organization.

5. Access Methods

Includes configuring access methods for both managed and non-managed devices, mobile devices, and for access to Web applications, client/server applications, and full network access. Included in this section is how to use static, dynamic, and secure NAT IP address pools for tunnel clients, configuring auto-updating for Connect Tunnel clients, and post-connection scripting for all tunnel clients.

6. Resources and Access Control Rules

Includes defining different resource types and creating resources within AMC. In addition, access control rules are covered in detail, including defining different connection types and both basic and advanced access control rule settings.

7. WorkPlace Portal

Includes using the WorkPlace portal for creating personalized user access to resources, customizing WorkPlace sites and using multiple WorkPlace site certificates, creating and modifying WorkPlace shortcuts, including graphical terminal shortcuts and support for Citrix server farms.

8. End Point Control

Includes an overview of using end point control for data and network protection, using Standard, Quarantine, and Deny zones to classify a user's end point, and creating device profiles to define the attributes of a zone (including device watermarking). Data protection agents are also covered, including Aventail Cache Control and Symantec Secure Desktop as well as client integrity agents, including a virtual keyboard.

9. System Administration

Includes performing basic maintenance in AMC, such as shutting down and upgrading the appliance, as well as backups and restores through the command-line utilities. In addition, working with system log files and monitoring tools is covered, as well as a checklist of security best practices and using the new built-in network capture utility.


This course includes hands-on exercises throughout to reinforce your training.


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