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Avaya Aura® Contact Center - Installation and Commissioning On-Site Training

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Avaya Aura® Contact Center - Installation and Commissioning

Course Description/Agenda

Learn to install and configure Contact Center Manager Server, Contact Center Manager Administration, and Communication Control Toolkit for a SIP environment in this course. You will also learn to install the License Manager, Server Utility, Avaya Media Server, Security Framework, Orchestration Designer, Agent Desktop Displays, and user client software. You will learn how to configure Microsoft Windows 2008 to support the contact center servers, and you will get an introduction to the Media Application Server, High Availability, and other deployment enhancements. You will also learn basic maintenance tasks, including backup and restore options.

In this course, you will learn Avaya Aura Contact Center deployment in SIP and AML environments for connectivity with CS 1000 and Avaya Aura SIP platforms.

What You'll Learn

  • SIP Basics
  • Install and commission Contact Center Manager Server
  • Install and commission Communication Control Toolkit and Avaya Aura Agent Desktop
  • Add and configure Avaya Media Server
  • Add and configure Contact Center Manager Administration
  • Back up and restore data
  • Orchestration Designer Basics
  • Install and configure client software
  • High Availability

Who Should Attend

Personnel who install and configure the Avaya Aura Contact Center software, including Contact Center Manager Server, Contact Center Manager Administration, and Communication Control Toolkit in either a SIP or AML environment

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisite Skills

  • Knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Windows Server installation, configuration, and administration
  • Ability to configure and troubleshoot PCs and components of TCP/IP
  • Ability to diagnose and isolate faults in LAN cabling and connectors
  • Ability to use maintenance tools and software loads to determine and correct equipment failures
  • Ability to identify and locate the major components of the communication server (either Avaya Communication Server 1000 or Avaya Communication Manager Midsize Enterprises), referred to as the "switch" in this course
  • Ability to provide input to the switch software database and inspect and power up the switch
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows servers, MS-DOS, and Windows Professional, XP Professional, or Vista
  • Familiarity with SIP terminology
  • Familiarity with PC hardware and software terminology
  • For personnel who install AML-based systems: Familiarity with the relationship of the messaging queues and the virtual agent TNs on the CS 1000

0200 and 0777, and 0946 or ATA00099VEN, and ATC01270WEN, 3615W and/or 3616W

  • GK 0946: Communication Server 1000E Installation and Commissioning (0946) or ATA00099VEN - Avaya Aura® for Midsize Business Implementation and Configuration
  • ATC01270WEN Quick SIP
  • 3615W Configure Avaya Communication Server 1000 for Avaya Aura® Contact Center and/or 3616W Configure Avaya Aura® for Midsize Enterprises for Avaya Aura® Contact Center

Course Outline

1. AACC SIP-Enabled Contact Center Overview

2. Installing the Contact Center Manager Server

3. Adding and Configuring Contact Center Manager Administration

4. Installing and Commissioning Communication Control Toolkit Software and Avaya Aura® Agent Desktop

5. Configuring AACC for Basic Call, including OD Overview

6. Configuring the Avaya Media Server

7. Installing and Configuring Client Software

8. Configuring CCMA Resources and Agent Greeting

9. Performing a Migration

10. Backing Up and Restoring Data

11. AACC High Availability


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