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Avaya IP Office Implementation Workshop On-Site Training

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Avaya IP Office Implementation Workshop

Course Description/Agenda

In this course, you will gain the skills to install, administer, and manage the implementation of an IP Office customer solution. You will practice installing and configuring the IP Office system and using the IP Office applications.

This course helps prepare you for the Avaya Certified Solutions Specialist (ACSS) - Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Communications Exam 3003.3 and the ACIS - SME Communications Exam 6401.1.

What You'll Learn

  • IP Office 500 control unit and expansion modules
  • IP Office 500 control unit installation
  • Core software upgrade
  • IP Office Manager configuration settings
  • IP Office phone units
  • Network connection installation and IP routes
  • VoIP endpoints installation and configuration
  • Basic functions of the System Status Application and the SysMonitor
  • Security settings in the IP Office configuration
  • System SD Card configurations for a variety of functionalities
  • Embedded VoiceMail and VoiceMail Pro differences
  • Basic VoiceMail Pro configuration
  • Customize the IP Office 500 control unit
  • Set up licenses
  • Hunt group configuration for agents and Hot Desking
  • Set up specific functions on users
  • Set up a line configuration
  • Configure the connection requirements for IP telephones
  • Configure SIP terminals and connections
  • Configure and customize Small Community Networking (SCN)
  • Customize network connections
  • System Status Application for the various types of system alarms
  • SysMonitor in a customized environment
  • Customize applications
  • Customize VoiceMail Pro for specific users and hunt groups

Who Should Attend

Avaya associates, partners, and resellers responsible for installing and maintaining IP Office

Course Prerequisites

Recommended but not required: IP Office Hardware and Data Components (AVA00916WEN)

Course Outline

1. Avaya IP Office System Overview

  • IP Office Control Units and Expansion Modules
  • Trunks and Daughter Cards
  • Telephone Overview
  • Start Up Procedure and Default Settings
  • Application Software
  • IP Office Manager
  • System Upgrade
  • Licensing

2. Basic Configuration

  • System Settings
  • Time Profiles
  • Extensions and Users
  • Hunt Groups
  • Lines and Trunking
  • Short Codes
  • Outgoing Call Routing and ARS
  • Incoming Call Routes
  • Security, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting
  • Security Administration
  • Audit Trail
  • System Alarms
  • System Status Application
  • Monitor Application
  • DTE and Reset

3. Security, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting

  • Security Administration
  • Audit Trail
  • System Alarms
  • System Status Application
  • Monitor Application
  • DTE and Reset

4. System SD Card

  • Embedded VoiceMail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Group and User Announcements
  • Embedded File Management
  • Backup and Restore of System SD Card

5. System Customization

  • Button Programming
  • Agents and Hot Desking
  • User Rights and Templates
  • Mobility Call Control and One-X┬«Mobile
  • Configuration Wizard

6. VoIP, IP Endpoints, and SIP

  • LAN and Gatekeeper
  • Operation of IP Phones
  • Creating IP Extensions and Users
  • Configuring SIP Terminals and IP Office Softphone
  • SIP Trunking Overview
  • Configuring SIP Trunking

7. IP Office VoiceMail Pro

  • Feature Comparison
  • VoiceMail Pro Interface (Demo)
  • Structure and Sequence of Call Flows (Demo)
  • Settings for Users and Groups (Demo)
  • Importing Call Flows

8. IP and Voice Networking

  • Networking Overview
  • Dial In and Remote Access
  • QSIG Networking
  • Small Community Networking (SCN)


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