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ERS 8800/8600/8300 Advanced Configuration and Maintenance On-Site Training

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ERS 8800/8600/8300 Advanced Configuration and Maintenance

Course Description/Agenda

This course provides an in-depth look at the ERS 8800, ERS 8600, and ERS 8300 products, focusing on the advanced features, maintenance, and troubleshooting. You will gain hands-in experience building and troubleshooting a Resilient Switch Cluster with ERS 8600 and ERS 8300, observing the traffic flow and predicable failure recovery. You will also configure Quality of Service (QoS) and IP filters on the ERS 8600 R-modules and ERS 8300 switches.

Throughout the course, you will perform configuration analysis and troubleshoot Layers 1, 2, 3, and 4, utilizing the ERS 8600 maintenance capabilities including PCAP Ping-Snoop. An IP Multicast network is implemented using PIM-SM.

You will examine the most advanced features of the ERS: VRF-lite, MPLS and IP VPN-lite, RS modules, 10 Gig Ethernet, and advanced QoS.


This course helps prepare you for the Avaya Certified Support Specialist (ACSS) - Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch Exam 3600.1.

What You'll Learn

  • ERS 8800 hardware and software features and benefits
  • ERS 8600 hardware and software features and benefits
  • ERS 8300 hardware and software features and benefits
  • ERS 8600 hardware including the chassis, power supplies, switch fabrics and I/O modules
  • ERS chassis operation, tuning, and maintenance requirements
  • How the ERS maintains the run-time configuration files and maintains file synchronization
  • How passwords, filters, and protocols are used to manage security on the ERS 8600
  • The Physical link test options and PoE on ERS
  • ERS switch cluster operation and configuration including the loop detection and prevention protocols
  • Diagnostic commands available on the ERS 8600
  • How to configure the ERS Routing Table Manager function and Network Virtualization (VRF-lite) on the ERS 8600
  • QoS capabilities of the ERS 8600 R modules, ERS 8600 E modules, and ERS 8300.
  • How to configure traffic filters on the ERS for prioritizing, mirroring, and dropping traffic
  • Multicast protocols supported on the ERS products and how they operate within supported topologies
  • MPLS solution on the ERS 8600
  • Configuring the IP-VPN solution on the ERS 8600

Who Should Attend

  • Technical staff who are responsible for the installation or configuration of Campus Solutions using Avaya's Ethernet Routing Switch Products
  • Technical personnel who need to prepare for operation and management of the Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches

Course Outline

1. ERS 8600 Overview

2. ERS 8300 Overview and Hardware

3. ERS 8600 Chassis Configuration

4. ERS Security

5. Layer 1 and Power over Ethernet Configuration

6. Switch Cluster Configuration

7. ERS 8600 Diagnostics Commands

8. ERS 8600 IP Routing and Virtual Routing

9. ERS 8600 QoS and Filters

10. ERS 8300 QoS

11. ERS 8300 Traffic Filters and Policy Creation

12. ERS 8600 MPLS

13. ERS 8600 IP VPN

14. Utilizing Multicast in a Converged Campus

15. IPV6 Configuration on the ERS 8600


Lab 1: ERS Configuration Management and Upgrade

Lab 2: Layer 1 and Power over Ethernet Configuration

Lab 3: Configuring a Network Core

Lab 4: Building in Network Reliability

Lab 5: Utilizing Diagnostic Command

Lab 6: Configuring VRF

Lab 7: Quality of Service on the ERS

Lab 8: Configuring MPLS

Lab 9: Configuring IP VPN-Lite

Lab 10: IP Multicast


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