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SQL Querying - Level 1 Fundamentals of Querying On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

In this course, students learn how to compose SQL queries to retrieve information from the database.

Course Description/Agenda

Classroom Learning - 1 Day(s)
Online LIVE - 1 Sessions

In this course, students will compose SQL queries to retrieve desired information from a database.

Who Should Attend
Individuals with basic computer skills, familiar with concepts related to database structure and terminology, and who want to use SQL to query databases.

Prerequisite(s) or equivalent knowledge
Access 2003 - Level 1
Relational Database Design A Practical Approach

Suggested Next Steps
SQL Querying - Level 2 Advanced Querying

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Lesson 1: Executing a Simple Query
Connect to the SQL Database
Query a Database
Save a Query
Modify a Query
Execute a Saved Query
Lesson 2: Performing a Conditional Search
Search Using a Simple Condition
Compare Column Values
Search Using Multiple Conditions
Search for a Range of Values and Null Values
Retrieve Data Based on Patterns
Lesson 3: Working with Functions
Perform Date Calculations
Calculate Data Using Aggregate Functions
Manipulate String Values
Lesson 4: Organizing Data
Sort Data
Rank Data
Group Data
Filter Grouped Data
Summarize Grouped Data
Use PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators
Lesson 5: Retrieving Data from Tables
Combine Results of Two Queries
Compare the Results of Two Queries
Retrieve Data by Joining Tables
Check for Unmatched Records
Retrieve Information from a Single Table Using Joins
Lesson 6: Presenting Query Results
Save the Query Result
Generate an XML Report


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