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Dr. Kim on Professional Excellence for Women On-Site Training

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A life-changing experience you'll never forget

Course Description/Agenda

Spend an amazing and motivating day with Dr. Kim

If you’ve attended a Dr. Kim event in the past, you already know what’s in store for you: A day of incredible power … a day full of laughter, joy, and bonding … and a day filled with profound personal insight. And if you haven’t seen Dr. Kim in person before … this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks has inspired audiences around the country with her uncompromising wisdom and has trained thousands of professional women like you in how to excel professionally; seize opportunities; and live a richer, more personally fulfilling life.

Get connected … get energized … get ready to live in professional excellence! Enroll in Dr. Kim on Professional Excellence for Women today!

Warning: The "Dr. Kim Experience" will change your life!

Inspiration • Knowledge • Professional Power • Personal Discovery • Uncompromising • Wisdom • Increased Confidence • Career Growth • Energy

Get ready to be inspired! Experience the power, the peace, and the personal and professional development of a day spent with Dr. Kim!

You owe it to yourself to get the “Dr. Kim Experience” for yourself!

Meet Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks
A one-woman emotional typhoon who is taking America by storm, Dr. Kim inspires awe as she shares her wisdom with professionals around the world.

President of her own communications business, author, internationally renowned speaker, wife and mother, adjunct faculty member for four colleges, magazine advice columnist, national life strategist, and former local TV talk-show host – she’s all that and so much more.

“Dr. Kim,” as she is affectionately known, is a communications expert sought out by clients like Walt Disney, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, the FBI, US Army Corps of Engineers, JP Morgan & Chase, and dozens of others. Founder and president of Ventus- Darks Communications, she has coached thousands of people in personal and professional development topics.

Dr. Kim has a doctoral degree in interpersonal communication and administration from Union Institute, as well as a degree in business administration, and she’s taught public speaking on the college level. Her articles have been published in numerous magazines and other publications, and she’s the author of If I’m So Special, Why Do I Feel So Ordinary?

Nobody motivates like Dr. Kim. She’s a commanding presence who will connect with you – and change your life in extraordinary ways.

What You'll Learn

  1. Learn the #1 secret of how to get the career success you long for!
  2. Take Dr. Kim’s Personal Power Test, and discover how much power you really have!
  3. Increase your professional presence – guaranteed.
  4. Learn the 3 laws of super effectiveness and how to apply them!
  5. Find out what’s really holding you back in your career.
  6. Discover ways to regain professional power and the upper hand when you feel like you’ve lost it.
  7. Learn the 3 questions you must ask yourself to make sure your life is reflecting your values.
  8. Understand why people around you don’t want you to walk in excellence – and how you can do it anyway!
  9. Learn how to make extraordinary your normal – and your extraordinary out of this world.
  10. Understand the reasons why you fail professionally – and stop the cycle!
  11. Learn the amazing secret to having MORE TIME than you actually need!

Attendee Reviews

"Dr. Kim is powerful, enthusiastic and genuine. So glad I met her – empowering!"
Joy Long

"A day of fun-filled and entertaining education! Best ever! Excellent!"
Sue Lenard

"Dr. Kim is vibrant, totally keeps your attention – love her – want to put her in my pocket!"
Donna Hallinon

"Entertainingly awesome info, useful at home, work – everywhere! With Dr. Kim, there’s never a dull moment!"
Becky Riley

"Dr. Kim will keep you entertained but instills great professional tips and tools! Very dynamic!"
Lynn Harber


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