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Improving Employee Accountability On-Site Training

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The buck stops here! Eliminate finger-pointing and blame-shifting ... and get people to "own" their jobs once and for all!

Course Description/Agenda

Individual Accountability Leads to a Better Workforce

It’s something you’ve seen lots of times before – employees who simply refuse to take responsibility and accountability for themselves. And it’s a problem you’d love to get rid of. Unfortunately, that’s not always an easy thing to do. You’re expected to set clear performance expectations, establish benchmarks, deliver effective feedback, and have a backup plan when things aren’t working. And all this while still performing all your other duties. Face it – you need help.

Improving Employee Accountability was designed just for you. This fun and entertaining one-day training has the information you need to improve accountability and become a better, stronger, and more effective manager right away, without turning you into the villain.

Don’t let irresponsible employees drag productive ones down – learn how to raise the bar for everyone!

Do you really want to deal with the negativity and poor morale that go hand-in-hand with a lack of employee accountability? Of course not. And that’s why you need Improving Employee Accountability.

Sign up for this training and you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a happier, better motivated workforce
  • Develop an organizational culture that encourages honesty and personal responsibility
  • Eliminate problems between employees by eliminating fingerpointing and the blame game
  • And more!

Finger-pointing builds a culture of distrust and resentment. Don’t let it –we can help!

When accountability is lacking, it drags down morale and hurts productivity. Instead of spending time solving problems and finding solutions, some of your employees may be more interested in finger-pointing and the blame game. That’s when it’s your job as a manager to step in and find ways to improve accountability.

You need to readjust your staff’s way of thinking and change your organization’s culture. That’s where Improving Employee Accountability comes in. This one-day seminar is jam-packed with proven strategies that you can use right away to start improving employee accountability and getting better results.

Don’t wait – a better work environment is just around the corner. Sign up now!

What You'll Learn

  • Stop the blame game and the “I didn’t know I was supposed to do that” game before they start
  • Set clear performance expectations
  • Criticize in the right way to avoid hurting morale
  • Bring responsibility-shy employees on board
  • And much more!

Workshop Agenda

The Basics of Employee Accountability

  • Finding out if your employees really know what’s expected of them – or if they’re scraping by thinking they’re doing a great job
  • Consistency: the absolute #1 key to employee accountability
  • Promoting a sense of accountability in employees with different backgrounds and values
  • How a lack of personal responsibility negatively affects your bottom line

Establishing Clear Benchmarks

  • Determining individual goals for everyone on your team
  • Defining expected results and outlining paths to reach them
  • Facts and figures: the importance of quantifiable metrics – and how to establish them for any position
  • Establishing a clear standard to hold everyone to
  • Consequences: how to handle employees who aren’t meeting their goals

Delivering Effective Feedback

  • Pointing out problems and trouble spots without hurting anyone’s feelings
  • Constructive criticism – how good intentions can sometimes cause bad feelings
  • Do it now: why it’s better to give feedback immediately rather than wait until later
  • Praise-criticize-praise: a three-step plan for softening the blow of negative feedback
  • Tailoring your message to each individual and why the same approach won’t work for everyone

Fostering a Culture of Accountability

  • Rewarding success: encouraging employees to embrace accountability
  • Leading by example – and how to get others to follow
  • Do as I say, not as I do; or why executives and managers who don’t take personal responsibility can’t expect their employees to
  • Creating a work experience that instills the right beliefs and values
  • Positive reinforcement: rewarding employees who take responsibility

Overcoming the Blame Game

  • Pointing fingers – the negative impact it has on morale
  • Understanding why people point fingers instead of taking personal responsibility
  • The impact of attitude on the workplace and how a blame shifter can drag everyone down
  • How to handle an employee who never takes responsibility for his or her failures
  • “I was wrong”: strategies for getting employees to acknowledge and say these three difficult words

Overcoming Resistance and Getting Employee Buy-In

  • Getting employee commitment and buy-in to goals, achievements, and expectations
  • Managing resistance: how to position employee accountability as a win-win for everyone on the team
  • Tips for handling sensitive and uncomfortable performance dilemmas
  • Getting employee commitment when transitioning to more accountability
  • How to handle that employee who just won’t cooperate


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