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Writing HR Policies & Procedures On-Site Training

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Can you really afford to take risks with the policies and procedures that guide your organization? We didn’t think so! That’s why we developed this intensive new training especially for HR pros like you!

Course Description/Agenda

Are You Confident That You Can Write HR Policies and Procedures That Are On Track? You Will Be After Attending This Seminar!

The task of developing and maintaining your organization’s HR policies and procedures can be overwhelming. You’ve got to make sure that all your bases are covered – you can’t afford to let even one detail slip through the cracks.

  • So where do you go to make sure your handbook contains all the policies required?
  • What are the first steps you need to take to write a comprehensive, clear procedure?
  • How do you make sure employees fully understand the policies and procedures your organization requires strict adherence to?
  • Where is the best place to find out what policies you’re missing, or worse, which ones are incorrect?
  • How do you write new policies and procedures quickly and confidently, assured that they’re on track and can withstand legal scrutiny?

No worries, my friend – because the Writing HR Policies & Procedures seminar is the one place to get up-to-date fast.


You could go it alone – doing tons of research, consulting dozens of experts, and spending hours of your time painstakingly preparing policies and procedures that will hold up for your organization. But why go through all that pain and aggravation when the techniques you need can all be mastered in one information-packed seminar?

When you attend Writing HR Policies & Procedures, you’ll benefit from our 30+ year history of helping HR pros like yourself stay on the cutting edge of HR law as it pertains to policies and procedures. We’ll give you dozens of shortcuts, templates, and techniques that you can adopt for your organization’s unique needs.

You’ll learn how to write policies quickly … how to eliminate loopholes … how to get top management buy-in … and how to implement new policies and procedures, confident that your employees know what’s expected of them.


One thing will never change about HR: the rules of the road are always changing and it’s your job to keep up! This means to be successful in your HR career, you must master the policy and procedure writing skills taught exclusively in this powerful workshop. Enroll today and get the skills you need to succeed!

What You'll Learn

  • The biggest mistake people make when putting policies and procedures in writing
  • 3 sure signs that a policy or procedure needs to be revised
  • Words and phrases that “turn off” employees and how you can avoid them
  • Handbooks: Learn what experts say you should – and shouldn’t – include in them
  • A proven formula for determining if a policy or procedure is discriminatory
  • Announcing a new policy? When to use a memo and when to use a meeting
  • How to defend policies employees don’t like
  • And much more!

Workshop Agenda

Overview of HR Policies and Procedures

  • What’s the real purpose of writing policies and procedures? Why you need to know
  • Which policies are mandated by law vs. required by organizational expectations
  • 3 sure signs that a policy or procedure needs to be revised
  • What are you putting at risk if your policies and procedures are off track? (Hint – a lot!)

Putting Policies & Procedures in Writing

  • Legal considerations to keep in mind when writing policies and procedures
  • When you have to write a policy fast – a 6-point checklist to make sure you’ve covered all the bases
  • A proven formula for determining if a policy or procedure is discriminatory
  • When should “unwritten” rules be put in writing? Signals to watch for
  • The best way to handle changes in your company’s policies and procedures
  • Characteristics of good policies and procedures

Writing Policies Everyone Will Understand

  • Ensuring user comprehension and compliance
  • How to keep your personal feelings from affecting how you phrase a policy
  • The secret to writing policies and procedures that sound friendly yet firm
  • How to use the simple “HISI” test to ensure the clarity of everything you write
  • How to use simple graphic techniques to make handbooks and manuals easy to read
  • 2 times when it’s better not to put a policy in writing and why

Policies HR Must Give Special Attention

  • Major policies and procedures most organizations should have
  • Sexual harassment policies
  • Email and Internet use policies
  • ADA interactive process (procedure)
  • How to write dress codes or personal hygiene guidelines that don’t offend anyone

Implementing Policies With Ease

  • Ensuring upper management accepts and complies with policies
  • Announcing a new policy? When to use a memo and when to use a meeting
  • How to defend policies employees don’t like
  • An amazingly simple plan for making sure employees read – and understand – the policies and procedures you write
  • When announcing a policy verbally … how to be sure everyone gets the same message
  • 2 situations in which you should ask for employees’ signatures as proof they’ve read and understood a policy
  • Where policies and procedures should be kept – and how they should be controlled


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