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Email Marketing Certification On-Site Training

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Discover how to develop effective email campaigns that get you noticed in a crowded marketplace and truly drive your results.

Course Description/Agenda

Email marketing allows you to reach large numbers of prospects at a relatively low cost while delivering among the highest returns of all direct marketing channels. Discover how to develop effective email campaigns that get you noticed in a crowded marketplace and truly drive your results. You’ll walk away with winning email marketing strategies that you can apply immediately to acquire and retain valuable customers.

Course Type
In-Person Certification

Course Duration
2 Days


  • Anatomy of an email marketing program
  • Creative content strategy
  • Email marketing analytics
  • Permission, laws, and deliverability

Course Agenda

Day 1: 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Please arrive 30 minutes earlier than the start time to register.

Email Today: Where the Industry Has Been, Where It’s Headed

  • A look at the history and evolution of email marketing and the major drivers
  • How big is the industry? How fast is it growing? Get the latest studies, facts, and figures
  • The changing landscape: Emerging players and the evolving role of email service providers

Permission, Laws, and Deliverability

  • Why permission is the foundation of successful email marketing
  • Opt-out and opt-in and the shades of gray in between
  • The Federal CAN-SPAM Act: Are you in compliance?
  • The role of ISPs in deliverability and email marketing effectiveness
  • The latest spam-fighting and credibility-building tactics and how to stay on the good side of ISPs

Anatomy of an Email Marketing Program

  • The first steps: Set the goal, define the objective, and develop a strategy
  • The many ways commercial email can improve customer acquisition, retention, and communication – plus a review of actual campaigns
  • A strategic approach to email: Where dialogue-building and trigger-based
  • marketing may fit into your campaign
  • Sort through all the issues related to timing and frequency

Explore the World of Email Lists and Databases

  • Winning strategies for targeting and reaching your audience via email
  • A crash course on sourcing, pricing, and using external (rented) email lists
  • Get up-to-speed on how to collect e-mail addresses and grow your in-house list
  • Troubleshoot common problems in list processing, email database maintenance, and email address append

Day 2: 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Produce Creative That Sizzles – Every Time

  • The offer: Best practices for meeting your objectives and driving response – plus vital do’s and don’ts
  • Promotional and response-boosting tactics: Coupons, sweepstakes, games, and more
  • Message formats: An update on text, HTML, and Rich Media, and related delivery issues
  • Make every message component pull harder – from subject line to body to footer
  • The fundamentals of electronic newsletters
  • Getting advanced creative tactics right – from viral marketing to animation

The Art and Science of Testing

  • What’s working? What isn’t? How testing will give you the answers
  • What should you test? In what priority?
  • Developing the useful test matrix
  • Creating a test series
  • What you need to know to design effective tests and measurement procedures
  • Examine how different test attributes affect different performance measures

Manage, Track, and Measure Response

  • Managing campaign response in all its forms: Expected and unexpected
  • Handling unsubscribes and bounces
  • Important tracking and response-measurement metrics in email
  • Formulas and methods for response analysis – presented in plain English
  • How to measure e-mail campaign ROI


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