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Win-Win Solutions for Daily Conflict On-Site Training

This highly energetic program teaches you the power of compromise, the art of communication, and the strength of synergy

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Classroom Training
1 day
All Business Professionals
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

This highly energetic program teaches you the power of compromise, the art of communication, and the strength of synergy. You’ll learn how to handle anger and confrontation, strengthen relationships, and effectively negotiate small disputes as well as highly charged arguments. You’ll see a difference right away, and your workplace will be happier, more enthusiastic, and much more positive.

Learning Objectives

  • Use a proactive approach to preventing conflict.
  • Understand differences in others and how to respond to them.
  • Defuse anger and avoid confrontation.
  • Say "no" effectively.
  • Use assertive communication to negotiate solutions.
  • Create a positive work environment.

Course Agenda

  1. Identify the sources of conflict and the behaviors that lead to confrontation.
  2. Understand
  3. personality styles and gender differences.
  4. Interpret the warning signs of conflict.
  5. Learn proactive skills to avoid potential conflict before it starts.
  6. Keep your composure using 10 stress management techniques.
  7. Learn characteristics of difficult people and how to respond to them appropriately.
  8. Accept criticism constructively.
  9. Turn potentially explosive situations into positive results using our 4-step plan.
  10. Communicate effectively during confrontation.
  11. Use essential listening skills to create a sense of understanding.
  12. Defuse anger professionally.
  13. Break down barriers in communication with creative problem solving techniques.
  14. Determine rules, roles and responsibilities of yourself and your coworkers.
  15. Reduce stress and prevent burnout that occurs through confrontation.
  16. Cultivate a positive and productive environment.


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