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This advanced training course adapts the PMI definition and presents cutting edge principles, tools and best practices in managing programs.

Course Description/Agenda

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Classroom Training
2 days
Program and Project Managers, PMO Staff, PMPs
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

As leading organizations have broadened their knowledge and skills in project management, a need for effective management of programs has evolved. The Project Management Institute (PMI) issued a global standard for program management in early 2006 (revised in 2008) and later launched Program Management Professional (PgMP®) certification credential. According to PMI, a program is a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually.

This advanced training course adapts the PMI definition and presents cutting edge principles, tools and best practices in managing programs. You will apply what you have learned to a practical scenario and address real world challenges faced by program managers

Learning Objectives

  • Define and discuss relationships between projects, programs, and portfolios.
  • Identify program life cycle and its phases.
  • Identify seven key competencies of effective program managers.
  • Lead virtual and global teams of large programs.
  • Discuss common challenges of technical people in a program leadership position.
  • Use Program Charter to link the program scope to organizational strategy.
  • Define the three most important management themes of any program.
  • Build a business case for a program.
  • Develop and optimize program schedule.
  • Identify and manage project interdependencies.
  • Implement a PMO to support successful execution of a program.
  • Identify and manage program benefits using right metrics and procedures.

Course Agenda

  1. Introduction
    1. Project, program, portfolio
    2. How are they different?
    3. Big picture mission, vision, and strategy
    4. The context of program management
    5. Turning strategy into results thru’ programs


  2. Program Manager Competencies
    1. Managing without authority
    2. What makes an effective program manager
    3. Leading virtual & global program teams


  3. Program Management Themes
    1. Benefits management
    2. Stakeholder management
    3. Program governance


  4. Program Planning
    1. Program Charter
    2. Program scheduling
    3. Program budgeting
    4. Risk management


  5. Program Benefits
    1. Identifying benefits
    2. Deriving metrics
    3. Success factors & performance indicators


  6. Program Management Office
    1. Organization models
    2. Roles & responsibilities
    3. PMO implementation


  7. PgMP Certification
    1. Application Process
    2. Requirements
    3. Tips


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