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Leading a Diverse Team On-Site Training

You will learn to understand and appreciate all types of people and how one’s historical culture shapes current attitudes and behaviors

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Classroom Training
1 day
Managers and Supervisors
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

As a leader, you must understand the reality and importance of cultural differences in today's workplace. You will learn to understand and appreciate all types of people and how one’s historical culture shapes current attitudes and behaviors. You will learn to promote diversity and differing perspectives, and create a workplace that is accepting and appreciative of all types of employees.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how managing diversity in the workplace can benefit and enhance productivity.
  • Promote diversity as a positive concept.
  • Know how to distinguish between ethnicity and race.
  • Examine discrimination and cultural awareness.
  • Handle difficult employees and situations.
  • Learn conflict-resolution skills that enhance employee relationships.
  • Defuse anger and avoid defensiveness.
  • Build solid rapport with employees.
  • Identify EEO laws and understand the difference between EEO and diversity.

Course Agenda

  1. Define diversity, ethnicity and race in today’s workplace.
  2. Compare the various way, both right and wrong, that people look at ethnicity and race.
  3. Analyze the benefits and challenges of diversity.
  4. Work through a case study on workplace diversity and performance.
  5. Examine gender and cultural differences.
  6. Develop an awareness of cultural symbols.
  7. Examine the effects of discrimination.
  8. Establish guidelines for mutual respect.
  9. Identify EEO laws and regulations enforced by the EEOC.
  10. Compare EEO enforcement vs. mutual respect and diversity appreciation.
  11. Apply steps for building quality professional relationships.
  12. Introduce a 5-step method for coping with difficult situations.
  13. Recover from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others.
  14. Develop strategies for dealing with difficult people.
  15. Learn how to communicating during conflict.
  16. Apply 6 methods for responding to conflict and 7 steps for avoiding conflict.
  17. Identify the "do's" and "don'ts" for defusing anger.
  18. Discuss coworker styles and how to adapt to those different than your own.
  19. Apply 10 guidelines for building trust and loyalty.
  20. Analyze the Cycle of Synergy.


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