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Anger Management On-Site Training

This interactive course will help you to recognize anger, its sources, and its triggers.

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Classroom Training
1 day
All Business Professionals
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Anger is a natural human response, but anger uncontrolled can be dangerous. This interactive course will help you to recognize anger, its sources, and its triggers. It offers tools for interrupting anger buildup, expressing anger appropriately, and using anger to achieve productive results. You’ll learn to develop self-monitoring habits to catch anger in its early stages and skills to manage anger in daily life.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the sources and triggers of anger.
  • Employ strategies for controlling anger.
  • Defuse anger before it starts.
  • Employ strategies for blowing off steam.
  • Learn how to master self-control.
  • Apply techniques for gaining resolution.

Course Agenda

  1. Identify the stages of anger.
  2. Examine the behaviors indicating anger.
  3. Assess your own anger.
  4. Utilize communication tools for dealing with anger.
  5. Analyze communication styles.
  6. Incorporate active listening and body language.
  7. Apply techniques for handling anger challenges.
  8. Use humor to defuse rage.
  9. Learn how to cope with co-workers or your boss when angry.
  10. Avoid resentment.
  11. Implement the forgiveness process.
  12. Develop anger management plans.


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