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How to Be a "Tough-as-Nails" Negotiator On-Site Training

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Master valuable techniques for standing up to aggressive people, delivering solid counterproposals, and controlling your emotions when negotiations become heated

Course Description/Agenda

In one day, you'll master valuable techniques for standing up to aggressive people, delivering solid counterproposals, and controlling your emotions when negotiations become heated. You'll develop the proven ability you need to remain confident in intense bargaining situations ... know exactly what to give and take during negotiations ... and walk away with a deal you can be proud of.

What You'll Learn

  • Gain a reputation as a tough negotiator
  • Become known for getting what you want
  • Remain confident in tough bargaining sessions
  • Know when to push and when to back off

Who Should Attend

Business professionals who are interested in learning hard-hitting negotiation tactics, becoming more assertive and getting more of what they want in less time. If you've ever felt like you were getting the short end of the stick in negotiations, this seminar can give you a decided bargaining advantage. Attend and learn how to become a "tough" negotiator who has an arsenal of skills to draw from.

Workshop Agenda

Assembling an Arsenal of Negotiation Skills

  • 1 tool you can use as "invisible armor" against an adversary's threats, counteroffers and justifications
  • How to get "an attitude," show false anger and other "first strikes" that'll leave your opponent's defenses wide open
  • Mastering the subtle art of intimidation
  • 4 bad habits that can ruin your credibility as a negotiator
  • 3 practical guidelines to help you prepare for tough telephone negotiations
  • A confidential self-analysis to identify your negotiating strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating a stockpile of "secret weapons" that'll give you the edge you want
  • How to negotiate through today's electronic media: 21st-century negotiation techniques

Plotting a Plan of Attack

  • How to "see" where an adversary's arguments are leading you — before you're backed into a corner
  • The top 5 ploys negotiators use to wear down a weak opponent — and how to easily overcome each one
  • How to offer a concession you don't care about and make it look like a big deal
  • A proven method for "pumping yourself up" mentally before sitting down at the bargaining table
  • How to use deadlines, work schedules and other time pressures to your advantage
  • Knowing when to get aggressive — and when to "sweet-talk" your opponent
  • How to "ambush," use smoke screens and other tough-guy tactics

Deploying Your Hardball Techniques

  • How to tell when your adversary is stalling — and what you can do about it
  • How to keep your composure when an opponent says something that takes you by surprise
  • Acquiring an unyielding attitude that helps you resist pleas and appeals
  • Maintaining your conviction against "grizzly bears" who try to tear you apart
  • How to create the kind of climate that gives you a decided advantage
  • How to send rejection signals that leave nothing to the imagination
  • 3 timing tips for when to push ... when to give ... and when to stand your ground
  • How to avoid the perils associated with being too tough at the bargaining table
  • How to get frayed emotions under control after prolonged negotiations

Forcing Your Opponent to Surrender

  • When dealing with an intimidator ... use "The Madman's Advantage" to get the upper hand
  • How to recognize the subtle signs that your opponent is ready to give in — 5 "gentle" threats you can use to earn extra concessions during the final stages of a negotiation
  • How to sidestep the deadly dangers of striking a deal too soon
  • If you're deadlocked ... a last-ditch maneuver when you've tried everything you can think of
  • How to handle an opponent who "plays dirty"
  • How to make sure you don't push your adversary so far that you endanger the deal ... and what to do if you accidently should
  • How to get everything you want and make your opponents feel like they won, too


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