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Financial & Accounting Concepts Statements & Terminology: 2 day On-Site Training

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A 2-Day Boot Camp for Nonfinancial Managers

Course Description/Agenda

Dread Finance and Accounting? Help Is Here and It’s Stress-free!

You know the feeling in the back of your mind when someone brings up the numbers side of business ... alarm. It feels like EVERYONE else understands what’s going on but you. You can fake it ... but for how long?

Sooner or later you have to understand what the numbers mean and how they impact your organization. After all, making sound financial decisions is what sets apart good managers from GREAT managers.

That’s where this can’t-miss workshop comes in. You’ll learn the ins and outs of finance and accounting in a stress-free environment.

Ever feel like you’re hearing a foreign language when talk turns to finance?
ROI. Budgets. COG. Forecasting. Operating margin. Ever think to yourself, "It’s all Greek to me"? You aren’t alone. The number one reason most managers get the "finance heebie-jeebies" is because it is hard to understand. Most of these concepts are foreign to everyone but accountants and CFOs. It’s something you have to learn on the job.

This workshop breaks down key terms and concepts you’re most likely to hear at work. It gives you straightforward definitions with real-world examples that help you keep it in perspective.

We keep it simple to help you remember more of what you learn.
When you attend Understanding Financial & Accounting Concepts, Statements & Terminology, you’ll get financial and accounting training in plain English. We break down complex formulas and statements so they’re easy to remember AND use. You’ll also leave with our exclusive Desktop Reference Guide. It’s chock-full of every definition, formula, and ration you’ll learn. You’ll be able to turn to it time and again when it matters most.

Put the numbers to work for you and watch your success soar!
Whether you want to justify your budget to get more help ... get support for a project ... or contribute in key decision-making meetings, this course is for you. Once you understand the numbers, you’ll be able to put them to work for you.

What You'll Learn

• Balance sheets
• Operating margin
• Budgeting
• Forecasting
• Assets
• Liabilities
• Equity • Comprehensive income
• Revenue
• Expenses
• Gains and losses
• P&L statements
• GAAP analysis
• Payback calculations

Course Agenda

I. Demystifying the Terminology and Speaking Intelligently About Financial Issues

  • Learn the most common accounting and finance terms and what they mean
  • Find out what causes the most confusion between accountants and managers — and how to avoid it
  • Learn the top 10 financial terms you must know and what they mean
  • See how to turn confusing language and numbers into meaningful data you can and want to use
  • How to present proposals and recommendations in terms of hard dollars ... and get faster approval
  • Learn the basic accounting equation and how to use it
  • Deciphering the language of business so you can speak it fluently with anyone

II. The Basics of Finance for Managers and Supervisors

  • 5 components of working capital and why it’s critical to your day-to-day operation
  • Calculating expenses and revenue on a cash vs. accrual basis
  • Fixed vs. variable cost: understanding the difference
  • Learn the true meanings of profit and loss
  • Top financial concepts that you’ll always need to know
  • What you must know about payables and receivables
  • Key financial indicators that will tell you if your organization is on the right track
  • Which specific numbers to rely on when developing a budget

III. Sharpen Your Decision Making With Powerful Financial Tools

  • Making better decisions using break-even analysis, forecasting, and other powerful analysis tools
  • 5 ratios that can be early indicators of danger ahead
  • Learn an easy formula for calculating break-evens
  • Your role in controlling cash flow — even if you aren’t a profit center
  • Techniques for measuring the financial performance (and risk) of any project
  • How to evaluate the relative degree of risk for a project
  • 5 valuable questions to ask when dealing with a financial problem
  • Calculating ROI for the true "bottom line"

IV. Keys to Interpreting Financial Statements Quickly and Accurately

  • How to read and interpret 3 types of financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement
  • How to examine the P&L statement and see how revenue is generated, profitability, and more
  • Basic steps in preparing a financial statement
  • Types of long-term assets and the role depreciation plays in determining their worth
  • How to scan a financial statement and find the information most valuable to YOU

V. Must-Know Accounting Basics

  • How the accounting cycle works
  • Accounting for assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses
  • The difference between cash and accrual accounting
  • What every manager must understand about Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Debits and credits: how to sort through these transactions

VI. Tools That Make Your Job Easier

  • Valuable tips for setting up your own spreadsheets
  • 3 important ways a PC can sharpen your projects and analyses
  • An overview of software packages that will make your job much easier


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