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Customer Service That Wows! On-Site Training

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If you interact with customers, this amazing one-day seminar is VITAL training for YOU!

Course Description/Agenda

Customer Service That WOWS! is about anticipating what a customer needs before they even ask ... giving them more than they expect ... and winning them over! It’s about making customers feel important ... valued ... and knowing that their satisfaction matters.

And it’s THE secret to creating happy customers. Happy customers not only keep coming back, they become your biggest advocates, raving about you to friends, family, coworkers – heck, to their entire social network! Which means you have to ask yourself – how happy are your customers and ...

What are YOUR customers saying about you?

If your customers aren’t talking about you – you’re getting lost. And if they’re complaining about you – you’re getting destroyed! You need to be able to not only discover a customer’s true expectations – you need to learn how to exceed them. And when you give Customer Service That WOWS!, you do more than build customer loyalty – you get them talking about you ... praising you ... and becoming your biggest advocates!

You know how important that is – now you need to make sure that’s the kind of customer service you’re delivering!

If you work with customers, you absolutely need the skills you’ll learn in this workshop!

Customer Service That WOWS! is a brand-new workshop that focuses on not only enhancing the skills you’ve already developed, but teaching you must-know techniques that’ll have the biggest impact on customer communication and relationships.

In one intensive day of training, you’ll learn how to draw out clients, discover what they really want and expect – and learn how to show them that you’ve delivered! • Identify the elements of WOW customer service – and how you stack up!

  • How to quickly "build a connection" with customers
  • Techniques for staying – and appearing – calm, cool, and sympathetic under pressure
  • Dealing with cynical customers who just don’t believe you even want to help
  • How to tell if a customer is truly 100% satisfied – and that they know their satisfaction IS your goal
  • The right approach for the right person: powerful tips for dealing with different generations of customers
  • Crucial phrases that will calm a customer down – and get them to start listening
  • The art of giving effective promises that you can really deliver on
  • The RIGHT way to leave a voice mail – and why it works

Take the stress and frustration out of customer service!

We’ll even show you some great stress-relieving techniques that can keep you positive, happy, and motivated, even on the roughest of days!

This is an amazing opportunity to re-energize yourself, renew your commitment to customer service – and learn vital skills that will TRULY make a difference in your customer interactions.

And you’ll be learning side by side with other customer service professionals just like you – people who have been "down in the trenches" and understand exactly the kinds of situations you face every day ... and the ones that may be looming just around the corner!

There is simply no greater benefit to your organization than great customer service – and no better place to learn the skills, tricks, and techniques you need to deliver it than this workshop.

What You'll Learn

  • Make Every Customer Feel Like Number One
  • Master the Essentials of WOW Service
  • Handle Difficult Customers With Confidence
  • Blow ‘Em Away by Going Above and Beyond
  • Transform Customers Into Active Advocates for Your Services or Products

PLUS: Discover the #1 maxim every service giver must follow to the letter – otherwise your service means nothing to customers!

Course Agenda

Mastering the ESSENTIALS of WOW Customer Service

  • Identifying the elements of great customer service – and how you stack up!
  • Treating customers like friends, while maintaining professional poise
  • 3 statements the pros use to make first-time buyers come back for more
  • The 10 sins that drive customers to the nearest competition – and how NOT to commit them
  • The secrets to avoiding customer service burnout!
  • Keeping customers for life – valuable ways to build customer loyalty
  • Nonverbal communication – how to hear what a customer isn’t saying
  • IMPORTANT: the 1 maxim every service rep MUST follow to the letter – or your service means nothing to the customer!

Making Every Customer Feel Like #1!

  • Learn expert listening techniques that let customers KNOW they have your attention
  • 4 winning phrases that reassure customers that their satisfaction is your priority
  • Subtle signs that tell you a customer isn’t really 100% satisfied
  • Delivering bad news – without upsetting your customer
  • Regaining customer trust – an invaluable step-by-step guide to reassuring a customer that your organization won’t fail him or her again!
  • The 5 phrases that can annihilate customer goodwill – and what to say instead
  • Making customers feel WOWed by your service– even when you can’t deliver everything they want!
  • 9 key actions that’ll make sure the image you project to customers is polished and professional

Smoothing Ruffled Feathers – Dealing With Difficult Customers

  • Proven strategies for dealing with the 5 types of customers that drive CS reps CRAZY
  • How to defuse hotheads in seconds using a simple phrase – so you can start fixing the problem!
  • The BEST way to help customers understand your hands are tied – and getting them to compromise
  • How to weather customer fury like a pro – and without breaking a sweat!
  • How to diplomatically help a customer realize that he or she is wrong – and a great way to help the customer save face
  • 9 stress busters that will alleviate tension, so you can stay calm and cool under pressure
  • Dealing with the "never satisfied" – and still keeping their business!
  • Ways to convince cynical customers that you not only want to help – you’ll do everything in your power to solve their problem!

Managing Customer Expectations and How to Go Above and Beyond!

  • 5 keys to delivering service that’s so great, your customers will keep coming back for more!
  • Ways to sincerely show customers that you value their service – without coming across as fake, sappy, or melodramatic
  • Anticipating a customer’s needs – and coming through before he or she even asks!
  • How to avoid breaking promises, so you can deliver service that goes the extra mile every time
  • 3 follow-up steps to ensure that a customer is absolutely, positively, 100% satisfied – and knows how important that is!
  • Recognizing the value of a complaining customer – and how to reward him or her!

Customer Service in the Social Media Age

  • Why it’s critical to establish a positive social media presence – your organization’s reputation could be at stake
  • Using social media to establish a positive relationship with customers
  • Why you should actively seek out unhappy customers online – and the BEST ways to respond
  • Maintaining professionalism in an online environment – and the 3 things you should NEVER do!
  • When you can handle an issue online – and how to gracefully redir


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