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2011 National Electrical Code ® ( NEC ) On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Learn the NEC® like never before with our new interactive training format, Complete coverage of the 2011 changes, GUARANTEED to Answer Your Specific NEC Code ® Question or Your Money Back!

Course Description/Agenda

"…practical instruction and a great learning environment."
Martin Shaw - Project Manager - Salt River Indian Comm.

"Didn't know how much has changed in the last 20 years."
Jerry Morton - Maintenance - General Dynamics

New Interactive Training Format:

Our new "hands-on" NEC® seminar let’s you work as part of a team in the classroom to find information in your code book, perform calculations, identify code violations and more. Our instructors collect real-time participant code problem solutions using an interactive audience response system making code classes a challenging, yet fun learning experience. No more plain and boring Code lectures! Learn to use your code book as a tool, solve problems and see your results immediately. This is the only NEC® Code class in the world that lets you see how well you are learning, while you’re learning it!

Purpose of Seminar:

Every three years the National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA ) updates the electrical industry's Bible - the National Electrical Code ® ( NEC ). Included as a part of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Electrical Code ® ( NEC ®) is more widely used than any other installation or construction code in the world. Its purpose is to provide anyone working with electricity the most up-to-date, best practices for safe installation and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. The purpose of this training is to help electricians understand the new 2011 Code ® changes, while at the same time providing all non-electrical personnel with a practical introduction to the NEC ®.

Who should take this course?

Whether an experienced Electrician or a Maintenance Technician without a formal electrical training background, you need to understand the many intricacies associated with the National Electrical Code ®. Any experienced electrician will be the first to admit that learning the NEC ® is a life-long experience. Don't miss this one of a kind seminar that explains how the National Electrical Code ® requirements apply to the electrical work done in your plant or building! You should attend if you perform any of the following jobs:

  • Install and Maintain Electrical Equipment
  • Maintain Plant or Building Lighting
  • Install or Replace Motors
  • Adjust Motor Overloads
  • Replace Fuses
  • Repair Motor Controls
  • Install or Maintain HVAC Equipment
  • Work on Plant or Building Generators
  • Run Power to Newly Installed Equipment
  • Troubleshoot Plant or Building Electrical Problems
  • Manage or Supervise Maintenance Operations

What will you learn?

Attendees will learn:

  • Learn How to Navigate the National Electrical Code ®
  • Find Out About the Many 2011 Code Changes
  • Have Your Toughest Electrical Code Questions Answered - GUARANTEED - Or Your Money Back

Training Outcomes

Upon completion of this seminar, and by taking the optional practice licensing exam at the end of the second day, students attending this seminar will have demonstrated their ability to:

  1. Navigate and find answers in the NEC ®
  2. Identify key electrical terms found in the National Electrical Code ®
  3. Locate specific information for their job regarding:
    • Electrical Installations
    • Wiring and Protection
    • Wiring Methods and Materials
    • Equipment for General Use; Motors, Transformers
  4. Determine the applicability of the code rules found in each chapter of the NEC ®
  5. Locate specific information for their job regarding:
    • Special Occupancies
    • Special Equipment
    • Special Conditions
    • Communication Systems
  6. Learn how to apply the tables found in chapter nine of the NEC ® in solving typical electrical wiring and conduit problems.
  7. Understand the most important 2011 National Electrical Code ® changes

Course Outline / Agenda

Properly installed and maintained electrical systems are a crucial part of day-to-day operations for any building, plant or piece of equipment. This NEC ® class will facilitate you in that objective when you have a thorough understanding of the National Electrical Code ®, and most importantly, how it is applied to your specific site or facility. To ensure you get the most from this course, students will be asked about specific topics or situations they need addressed at the beginning of the seminar. Our instructor will then make sure each specific question gets answered. So if you don't see the specific subject matter you are interested in below, don't worry. More than just making a presentation, at American Trainco our job is to provide real world training, which means answering your real world questions. Simply let us know what you need to learn and we'll make sure you get the answers during the class.


Introduction to the National Electrical Code ®

  • NEC ® layout as the first step in successful navigation Differences between the first four chapters and chapters five through nine
  • How to quickly put yourself in the right chapter of the National Electrical Code ®

Finding specific information in Chapter 1 General:

  • Key words and definitions you must know Installation requirements topics

Finding specific information in Chapter 2 Wiring and Protection, on:

  • Use and Identification of Grounded Conductors Branch Circuits
  • Feeders
  • Branch-Circuit, Feeder and Service Calculations Outside Branch Circuits and Feeders
  • Services
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Grounding
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors

Finding specific information in Chapter 3 Wiring Methods and Materials, on:

  • Wiring Methods
  • Conductors for General Wiring
  • Cabinets, Cutout Boxes, Meter Socket Enclosures Outlet, Device, Pull, and Junction Boxes; Conduit Bodies; Fittings; and Manholes Armored Cable: Type AC
  • Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable: Types NM, NMC and NMS
  • Flexible Metal Conduit: Type FMC
  • Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit: Type LFMC Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit: Type RNC
  • Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit: Type LFNC Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing: Type ENT
  • Auxiliary Gutters
  • Busways
  • Cablebus
  • Metal Wireways
  • Surface Metal Raceways
  • Surface Nonmetallic Raceways
  • Cable Trays

Finding specific information in Chapter 4: Equipment for General Use, on:

  • Flexible Cords and Cables
  • Fixture Wires
  • Switches
  • Receptacles, Cord Connectors, and


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