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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Nothing matters more to your leadership success than your ability to read and work effectively with all types of people. Nothing. Thats why attending this training is so important.

Course Description/Agenda

People are confusing. Yet, how can you be an effective leader if you can’t figure them out?
Every day, you work with employees, other managers, bosses, clients, vendors, and others up and down the org chart. They come from different backgrounds and experiences, so they don’t all think and feel the way you do. Some are relatively easy to work with. Others confuse you. And yet others flat-out irritate you.

But you know what? As a leader, your job is to figure out how to work effectively with all of them! That’s what this training is all about.

Master the MOST important skill required to be a successful leader.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders is two exhilarating days of fast-paced, interactive training that’ll forever change the way you look at people ... and at yourself for that matter!

The skills you’ll develop in this program will help you be a more influential and effective manager.
You’ll discover how to work more collaboratively with others, with less stress and frustration. You’ll gain solid techniques for resolving conflicts more quickly and easily, or better still, head them off at the pass. And you’ll learn how to project confidence and communicate with finesse so you’ll be seen as a capable, caring leader ... the type of person that people eagerly follow ... the type of leader that organizations readily promote!

Develop your Emotional Intelligence and you’ll soar! Leave it to chance, and ... well ... let’s just say soaring won’t be in your future!
Are you “winging it” when it comes to relating to people? That’s a costly mistake a lot of managers make.

Or maybe you agree that EI is important, but you think you’re just too busy to attend training. Whatever the case, we urge you to seriously reconsider “getting by” with your current EI skills and make a commitment to developing your full EI potential.

Every leader ... and we mean EVERY leader ... can benefit from the eye-opening skills taught in this course.
No matter where you are in your ability to understand and bond with others, we know that there’s a whole new level of understanding that you’ll achieve when you go through these two days of professional development. We’ll even be so bold as to say this training will change your life. In fact, we’ll even back that bold claim with our 100% guarantee of total satisfaction.

Right here ... right now ... make the decision that will fuel your success for years to come. Enroll in this training today!


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