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How to Build Strategic Thinking Skills On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

A practical approach to strategic thinking, problem solving, and decision making. In other words, a day of training thats absolutely CRITICAL for EVERY success-minded professional!

Course Description/Agenda

You’ve Got Challenges. This Training Will Help You Succeed ... We Guarantee It!

It seems like the new mantra of today’s workplace is “we’ve got to be strategic about this.” But, while there’s a lot of lip service proclaiming the virtues of strategic thinking, there isn’t a great deal of understanding of what strategic thinking really is. And that leads to poor strategies.

Unfortunately, when our strategies are weak, so are our results. That’s why this training is so important.

How to Build Strategic Thinking Skills is an amazing day of learning that will open your mind to a whole new way of thinking about how you think through any challenge or problem you face.

You’ll learn how to break down any business situation from a strategic perspective, identifying hurdles, opportunities, hot issues, and constraints. Then, you’ll learn to formulate effective strategies for addressing the dilemma you’re up against ... creating an effective strategic plan and execution strategy to ensure positive results.

Better Decisions Begin With Strong Strategic Thinking Skills
Want to be a stronger problem solver? Want to make more on-target decisions more frequently? It all starts with improving your strategic thinking skills.

At this workshop, you’ll learn how to ...

  • Challenge conventional thinking
  • Read the environment of today and anticipate the environment of tomorrow
  • Weigh risks against the potential rewards
  • Understand the drivers, strengths, and vulnerabilities of any situation or business condition
  • Articulate your strategies so everyone understands
  • Avoid costly mistakes using “what-if” thinking
  • Align strategic decisions with critical goals

It’s an incredible, intensive day of training sure to help you be a more successful decision maker from now on!

What Are You Waiting For? The Smart Strategy Is to Enroll Right Now! Savvy professionals recognize an opportunity to take their skills to a whole new level — and, my friend, this training IS that opportunity!


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